Our Team

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With over 15 years of combined experience, Alex and Josh have worked in the mastering their technical and customer service skills. The pair were always drawn toward jobs that involved using their hands and solving problems. When they met roughly 10 years ago, they were actually competing for the same job position at a national company, however, they were both hired and ended up working at the same warehouse. Over the years of working for the same company, they had multiple conversations about starting something of their own.

What ultimately fueled the start of their own company was the outstanding way their then-current company treated its employees and customers. They felt inspired to reach their goals and build a mission statement when Garage Door Repair Company was created.

Alex and Josh wanted to bring focus to their committed customer service while they performed repairs and installations, treating the customers like they would treat their own friends or family. They didn’t want to purchase another company or another reputation because they wanted to build their own brand and their own style. Their initial goals from the start aligned with Garage Door Repair Company’s mission statement—they want to be the best, offer the best products, and provide the best customer service experience. This includes being courteous to each of their job sites and ensuring a clean space once the work is done.

Alex and Josh’s goals in the coming years are to continue to grow and change the reputation that the garage door industry has gained. They started with one truck and have since added more service vehicles along with bringing in new technicians, Kyle and Sam.

Both Kyle and Sam have known Josh and Alex for many years and have shared their same goals ever since joining the team. They both have years of experience with customer service and hard work, and they’ll always treat the customer with respect and honesty. So with your next Garage Door Repair or Installation make sure you Trust the Ones Who know at Garage Door Repair Co!