Maple Grove

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Garage Door Repair Service - Maple Grove, MN

At Garage Door Repair Company, our professional team performs garage door repairs, maintenance, and installations. We provide these services to homeowners, residential home builders, commercial business owners and property managers. The quality of garage door components and all related parts makes all the difference in its longevity and functionality of the entire system. That is why we only use the best hardware available - brands that have proven themselves time and again, and have earned their reputations of quality. This also allows us to offer warranties of at least five years, or longer if you choose, on any of our newly installed garage doors. Should a problem occur, you simply give us a call and we’ll get things back into working order in no time! No headaches, and little to no waiting.

Property Management

As a property manager, each day involves juggling projects and tasks and various repairs around your buildings. Among these may be garage door repairs and maintenance, which when entrusted to the professional team at Garage Door Repair Company, will extend the life expectancy of your garage doors dramatically. By using only high-quality materials that are made to last, you will need fewer repairs in the life of your garage doors and they will operate as intended for years to come.Not only is functionality important in the spaces you manage, but so is safety. A well-maintained garage door is a safe garage door. You won’t need to worry about that call in the early morning hours from a client telling you their garage door just slammed into their vehicle as they were pulling out!

Serving Maple Grove

Our team of skilled garage door technicians services the entire Maple Grove, Minnesota area. We can perform installation, repairs and maintenance of any of the properties you manage, whether residential or commercial These may include storage facilities, automotive garages, loading docks, rental properties and many more. Whether you manage many properties or just a few, there are likely to be several with garage doors that need to be maintained. Proper maintenance will save you money since it will forestall major repairs, not to mention keeping your property tenants happy!

If you need a new garage door for any of your properties, or are having problems with a current one, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We are able to provide same-day service as well as emergency service. Call us anytime at 612-886-9606 for any of your garage door needs.

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