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Garage Door Repair and Installation in Burnsville, MN

If you are looking at garage door repair companies around Burnsville, Minnesota, contact Garage Door Repair Company today. Our team consists of fully licensed and certified technicians who are able to work on both commercial and residential properties around the Twin Cities metro area.

When you choose our team to help you with your garage door repair, we will come to your property to help you determine what you need and how exactly we can help you. We can repair or replace any part of your door, no matter if it’s a faulty gear or something as simple as a missing panel. We will ensure your new parts or new door completely match your building’s specifications.

Our expert team is also available for emergency garage door repair 24/7. You are our first priority, and we will do what we can to help you. To learn more about our services, contact us today.

Garage Door Servicing in Burnsville, Minnesota

At Garage Door Repair Company, we offer a variety of garage door repair services. The repair and installation services we offer include:

  • New Construction
    When you are adding to your property or constructing a new property completely, contact our team to complete your project. Based on the specifications you give us and your preferences, our team will find the perfect garage door for you. Not only should your new door flow with the rest of your property’s decor, but it should also be high-quality to add a level of protection to your home.
  • Garage Door Installation
    Depending on your needs and the specifications of your building, we will help you find the perfect garage door for your property. That’s why Garage Door Repair Company offers both residential and commercial garage door installation. After gathering the necessary information and ensuring you approve, our team will install your door in a quick, efficient manner.
  • Garage Door Maintenance Service
    Not only does our expert team at Garage Door Repair Company install and repair garage doors, we also come out to complete inspections with our garage door maintenance services, as well. We will come to your property to ensure your door and all its mechanisms are functioning properly. If they are not, we will repair them for you.
  • Garage Door Repair
    While you should frequently check on your garage door for maintenance purposes to ensure it’s working properly, it will eventually wear out from everyday use. When that happens, or it becomes damaged from weather or freak accident, contact us to have our expert team complete your residential or commercial garage door repairs.

Are You a Property Manager in Burnsville, MN?

If you own or manage commercial or residential property in Burnsville, Minnesota and need repairs performed on your garage door(s), contact us today.

Installing new garage doors is proven to give your property a higher ROI than any other home improvement project. If you maintain your garage door, not only will it increase the value of your property, but it should last for many years, barring any unforeseen circumstances. Our friendly, professional team can help you choose which door is best for your property based on your needs and specifications before installing it in a quick and efficient manner. We can install and repair all types of garage doors, including:

  • Vinyl
  • Fiberglass
  • Wood
  • And more

To learn why Garage Door Repair Company is a step above similar companies, contact our team today.

Schedule Garage Door Services in Burnsville, MN

If you need to replace or repair your garage door, contact Garage Door Repair Company today. Our team of garage door repair technicians provide all-encompassing services on all garage doors, and are always available for emergency garage door repair. To learn more about our custom services or to schedule an appointment, give us a call at 612-886-9606 or message us on our contact page.