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Torsion Conversion in South St. Paul, MN

Often times our customers will inquire about purchasing a brand new Garage Door and price will be a huge talking point when we are giving out quotes. However a cheaper price does not always mean a good quality product.

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Broken Garage Door Cable Hugo, MN

There is nothing worse than waking up and getting ready for a busy day when SNAP! Your Garage Door Cable Breaks… Now your door is likely crooked, possibly hanging out of the tracks. There go all your plans you had made for the day right?

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Garage Door Tune-up & Safety Inspection in Woodbury MN

With the cold weather just around the corner this is a great time to have a Tune-up and Safety Inspection done to your Garage Door and Garage Door Opener. In Woodbury, MN we can perform same day Tune-up and Safety Inspections and often times have a repair technician at your residence within an hour of initial contact. 

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Garage Door Opener Installation St. Paul MN

Whether you’re looking for a garage door opener initial installation or any other services related to the “health” of your garage door in St. Paul MN, The Garage Door Repair Company has you covered. With years of experience in both garage door opener replacement and repair, we’re ready and willing to handle any issues that you may encounter related to your garage door.

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