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Leave Your Garage Door Needs to The Experts

You might use your garage door every day multiple times a day with no problem, and then one day you hear a loud noise or push the button on your opener without response. If you’re in a hurry this can be a stressful time and it’s hard to know what to do.

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Standard Torsion Spring System in Inver Grove Heights, MN

Quality parts are a very important thing when you are considering replacing your Garage Door or repairing your broken spring. You wouldn’t want plastic parts to help lift your Garage Door when the temperatures drop to single digits and below.

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Custom Designed Garage Door Installation in Cottage Grove, MN

There are many different types of Garage Doors in the Twin Cities area and not everyone can choose what they end up with when they purchase a new home. Some Garage Doors may be very simple in their design or some may be very old and starting to break down.

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Damaged Garage Door Panel West St Paul, MN

We recently helped one of our West St Paul customers after she had someone drive into one of her Garage Door Panels. She had tried to call a number of companies only to hear that they would not be able to help her for at least a couple days. 

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Anytime Garage Door Repair St Paul MN

While it’s hard to imagine right now, the snow will return; if you live in the St Paul area, you know it’s inevitable.  The sun may be shining right now, and you may have driven to work today with your car windows down, but you know in the back of your mind that this weather won’t last forever. 

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Garage Door Service Inspections Minneapolis MN

Your garage door is one of the home’s many amenities that are often taken for granted. But, in Minneapolis at The Garage Door Repair Company, the safety and operation of your garage door is our top priority. Our team of professional garage door installers and repair technicians knows that your garage door is an integral part of your daily life.

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Torsion Conversion in Lakeland, MN

Often times our customers will inquire about purchasing a brand new Garage Door and price will be a huge talking point when we are giving out quotes. However a cheaper price does not always mean a good quality product. For example some of the larger corporate hardware stores will have Garage Doors for sale at a very cheap price and it seems like this is the route to go. 

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Anytime Garage Door Repairs Minneapolis

Your garage door is arguably one of the largest and most used pieces of machinery in your home. As such, you expect it to keep up with your comings and goings and the hustle of your daily life. Inevitably, its malfunction at the beginning of a busy workday, or relentless squeaking as you step out for your evening run is nothing short of inconvenient.

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Home Garage Door Repairs

The majority of Twin Cities homes have some type of garage for safely storing vehicles and a variety of possessions. Families depend on the convenience and security of a good functioning residential garage door. As with every other area of your home there are times when Expert Garage Repair Service is needed. 

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Free Garage Door Service Inspections Minneapolis, MN

A functional garage door is an everyday convenience to which many of us are accustomed. No one wants to think about coming home to a broken garage door. Many businesses depend on being able to readily open and close garage doors during business hours,

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