A garage door can endure several types of damage. When your garage door experiences severe damage, the door may not work as efficiently and make your home more susceptible to intrusion. As a homeowner, it’s important to recognize the common ways your garage door can deteriorate so you can properly avoid it from happening.


●        The Garage Door Opener Won’t Work | Nothing is worse than a button that won’t do what it’s supposed to do. If your garage door opener isn’t working, it can be frustrating. Fortunately, you can often avoid this issue by routinely replacing the batteries in your remote. Take note of what kind of batteries your remote uses so you can have them ready in your home when you notice your remote’s signal begins to fail.


●        The Door Doesn’t Move Smoothly | A door that doesn’t open or close correctly can lead to bigger problems down the road. To avoid this from happening, take the time to make sure your garage door is properly lubricated. Garage door repair experts at a reputable company, such as Garage Door Repair Company, can also help lubricate your door.


●        Loud, Grinding Noise | Another common type of garage door damage is a loud, grinding noise that occurs when the door opens and closes. Not only can this noise be bothersome and annoying, but it can also lead to even bigger problems down the road. Avoid this issue from occurring in the first place by maintaining the lubrication on your garage door.


●        Cracks And Chipping | While it is normal for a garage door’s surface to eventually crack, it is important to prevent it from happening to maximize your garage door’s lifespan. Use waterproof filler or another type of sealant to cover any forming cracks and avoid more from growing.


●        The Door Closes When Prompted to Open | If you notice your garage door closes even when you are trying to open it, it may indicate an issue with the springs. To avoid the springs from failing like this, remember to replace your springs. The springs on your garage door allow it to open and close when prompted, so contacting a reputable company, such as Garage Door Repair Company, to replace the springs on your door can prevent this issue from occurring again.


●        Door Won’t Close | A garage door that doesn’t close isn’t a good situation. Oftentimes this occurs when there is something obstructing the connection between the garage door’s photo eyes. In order to prevent this from happening, you should make sure there are no objects in front of the photo eyes. Natural elements, such as snow and ice, can also cause block the connection, so keep an eye on the sensors to avoid this issue from occurring.


●        Noisy Hinges | Garage doors are notoriously noisy, but sometimes it can get to the point where the noise is almost unbearable. Worn-out hinges are a common cause for a noisy garage door. You can avoid squeaky hinges by putting oil on them.


●        Malfunctioning Rollers | Broken rollers can cause a garage door from working improperly. In order to avoid your garage door’s rollers from breaking and malfunctioning, ensure your garage door is equipped with high-quality rollers. The professionals at Garage Door Repair Company can help you install the best rollers to avoid issues in the future.


●        Breaking Cables | The cables on a garage door help it stay lifted and keep the door operating. Over time, the cables on a garage door can become worn down and eventually snap. To avoid cables from snapping, keep an eye on them and replace the cables as soon as you notice deterioration. For high-quality replacement services, contact Garage Door Repair Company.


●        Broken Windows | If your garage door has windows, there is a higher risk for required repairs. Prevent your garage door’s windows from breaking by keeping moving objects, such as baseballs and other toys, away from the door. Installing drapes or taping concealing paper over the windows can also prevent thieves from peering in and breaking the glass to access something they want inside.


●        Frozen Garage Door | With extremely cold temperatures in the winter, a frozen garage door is a nuisance experienced by many midwestern homeowners. Prevent this issue from occurring by regularly clearing ice, water, and snow from the ground under your garage door. Regularly maintaining this area will prevent these elements from freezing your garage door to the ground.


Every homeowner experiences pesky issues with their garage door. While it is normal to have problems every once and a while, there are things you can do to avoid these issues from occurring more frequently than necessary. By following these procedures, you can save yourself from being stuck with a garage door that can’t fully protect your home or belongings. If you’re in need of a quick repair, contact Garage Door Repair Company. Our team of trained professionals is happy to supply you with prompt and satisfying customer service every step of the way.