One of the most-used components of a home is the garage door. It opens and closes several times a day, which results in rapid wear and tear. Not only is the garage door a contributing factor to a home’s curb appeal, but it also serves as a major access point. Ensuring your garage door’s security is a critical step to protecting your home and its visual appearance. Because your garage door plays such a large part in the well-being of your home, it’s imperative to notice the signs to replace your garage door.


●        The Door is Sagging or Drooping | A sagging garage door indicates there is something wrong and a repair is in order. Sagging could be a result of damage from weather conditions or simple wear and tear. Call Garage Door Repair Company to have a professional assess your garage door when you notice it begin to sag.


●        Slow Movement | If you’ve noticed your garage door is opening and closing more slowly than normal, then an electrical problem could be at hand. Leave the issue’s complexity to a trained professional. Our team at Garage Door Repair Company is ready to help you find a solution.


●        The Garage Door Won’t Open or Close | A garage door that doesn’t close or open poses an immense threat to the safety of your home and family. Consider replacing your garage door if it isn’t operating efficiently.


●        Cracking and Splitting in the Material | Like most objects, garage doors show their age through their physical appearance. Older garage doors develop splits and cracks on the surface, and the paint begins to chip. After time, your garage becomes quite the eyesore. A replacement door maintains your home’s curb appeal and security.


●        Shaking When Moving | A garage door should open smoothly with few shakes and rattles. If your garage door shakes and shivers as it moves, something is probably wrong with the belt or tracking. For safety purposes, it’s important to not try and fix the problem yourself. Seek out assistance from a professional when you notice this issue and arrange for a repair or replacement.


●        Snapped Cords or Broken Hinges | On any type of machinery, loose cords and wires are never a good sign. A garage door contains several types of cords and wires that allow the door to operate efficiently. The hinges between the panels also play an important part in the door’s movement. The garage door can malfunction when one of these important pieces break. Contact a professional to learn about your replacement options.


●        Noticeably Strange Noise | Although garage doors are notorious for being loud, it’s important to note when your garage door is making an unfamiliar noise. Don’t ignore the sound and pretend it isn’t happening. Pay attention and seek advice from a garage door professional. A garage door’s strange noise could be the result of severe damage.

Benefits of Replacing Your Garage Door

Aside from resolving the recurring issue your garage door faces, there are several other benefits to replacing your garage door with a new one.


●        Increases Your Home’s Value | Replacing your garage door increases the market value of your home. Not only is a new garage door free of operational issues, but it will also increase your home’s curb appeal. Because of this, replacing your garage door serves as an exceptional return on investment.


●        Enhances Your Home’s Energy Efficiency | Throughout the years, garage doors can experience extensive wear and tear. Worn-down garages generate air leaks, which make your HVAC system work harder to maintain the temperature in your home. Replacing your garage door maximizes your home’s energy efficiency and cuts down on your heating and cooling bills.


●        Increases Security For Your Home | It’s no secret that worn-down barriers can’t protect areas as well as new ones, and the same goes for garage doors. Modern garage doors’ advanced designs create more security for your home. Old garage doors are typically weaker and less durable. Replacing your garage door will enhance the protection of your home and its belongings.


●        Advances Your Home’s Curb Appeal | A garage door with chipping paint, rotting wood, and hanging cords is an eyesore for the whole neighborhood. Give your home a new and improved look with a new garage door.


Take note when your garage door isn’t performing as it normally does. A change in your garage door’s performance could indicate there is a greater issue at hand. Because your garage door is a main factor in both your home’s curb appeal and security, knowing when to replace it is critical. There are several advantages to replacing your garage door, as well.


If you think your garage door is experiencing an issue, or if you think your home is simply due for a new look, contact Garage Door Repair Company at 612-886-9606. Our team of professionals is prepared to assist you with your garage door replacement needs.