When your garage door malfunctions, understanding how your garage door works can help you determine what the issue is. One of the main parts of a garage door’s operation is the photo eyes. Located six inches above the ground on either side of the garage door, photo eyes are small sensors that serve as a safety feature for your garage door. The photo eyes share an invisible beam that connects them. When an object or person interrupts the connection, the photo eyes send a signal to the garage door to stop closing.


Photo eyes prevent people and valuable objects from getting hurt or damaged by a closing garage door. If photo eyes were not present, the door would proceed to close even if there was a person or object beneath it. Because the photo eyes offer another aspect of safety, it’s important to ensure the photo eyes on your garage door work correctly.

Common Issues With Photo Eyes

It’s critical to seek professional repair services if you think the photo eyes on your garage door aren’t working properly. A blinking light on one or both of the sensors indicates there is an issue with the system. Additionally, if your garage door suddenly retracts and goes upward as it closes, that could also indicate a problem with the photo eyes.


When your garage door doesn’t close properly, inspect the area to ensure there are no objects blocking the connection between the two sensors. Children’s toys, snowdrifts, and rocks are common objects that block the connection. If there aren’t any noticeable objects interrupting the photo eyes’ connection, call a professional at Garage Door Repair Company to determine the cause of the problem.

Cleaning and Readjusting The Photo Eyes

When photo eyes are dirty or misaligned, this can result in a broken connection between the sensors, which prevents the garage door from closing properly. Cleaning and realigning your garage door’s photo eyes is a quick and simple process. Because debris and dirt can easily attach to the photo eyes’ lenses, taking a moment to clean them with a cloth or soft rag will do wonders. Use caution while wiping the lenses with a rag, as the sensitive glass scratches easily.


You can fix misaligned photo eyes through careful readjustment. Start by measuring the height of each photo eye from the ground. If the measurements of the sensors don’t match each other, use your hands to carefully loosen the nuts attached to the photo eyes and move them up or down. When the height of each sensor is equal, test the connection by pushing the wall button to prompt the door to move. When the connection between each photo eye is sufficient, the door will open and close without any issue.

Taking Care of Photo Eyes in the Winter

A Minnesota winter can leave its mark on all parts of your home, including your garage door’s photo eyes. Because of their proximity to the winter elements, there are a number of ways you can ensure your garage door’s photo eyes are well cared for. This winter, keep an eye on your sensors and make sure the snow, ice, and other elements don’t cause them any damage.


●        Salt | Various outdoor particles are especially attracted to the smooth surface of a photo eye’s lens. During the winter, your car’s tires often bring in salt from icy roads and streets. The salt finds itself onto the photo eyes’ lenses and obstructs the sensors from sharing their connection. Regularly check your photo eyes this winter to make sure there’s no salt on the glass.


●        Snow | Due to the heavy snowfall in Minnesota, snowdrifts often accumulate along the bottom of garage doors. When snowdrifts make their way into a chilly garage, they can build up and block photo eyes from sending their connection. When snowdrifts disrupt the connection between the photo eyes, they can prevent the door from closing. Maintain the small snowdrifts around your home and garage door by shoveling regularly.


●        Ice | In addition to maintaining snowdrifts, you should also carefully inspect your garage’s interior to ensure ice isn’t developing near the photo eyes. Built-up snow can freeze around your photo eyes and block their ability to sense objects between them. Ice is difficult to remove from photo eyes, as the photo eyes require delicate handling when being cleaned. To avoid this issue, clear any small amount of snow and ice that has worked its way into your garage.

Call Garage Door Repair Company For Maintenance and Repair

A garage door protects your personal belongings, as well as you and your family members, so ensuring your garage door is working properly is critical for maximizing your home’s safety. If you think the photo eyes on your garage door aren’t working correctly, contact Garage Door Repair Company today. Our team of trained professionals is ready to assist you in enhancing the safety of your home through high-quality garage door repair and maintenance.