From offering protection for your home to adding stylistic qualities, there are many benefits of garage doors. But have you ever considered the different types of garage doors out there? In order to choose a garage door that’ll work for your specific needs, it's best to consider all of the different styles of garage doors on the market.


These doors have seen a lot of revamping over the years, so before you buy a new garage door, you should first understand the different styles you have to choose from. This will help you make an educated decision—and one you won’t later regret.


If you want to speak with a residential garage door company about a new installation project, then contact Garage Door Repair Company today! We are proud to provide both residential and commercial garage door repairs, commercial garage door installations, and much more. But if you want to do a little homework before calling us for a new installation, keep reading to learn about the different styles of garage doors.

Options Suited for Your Needs

Building a new home? Thinking about a garage remodeling project? If so, then it’s important to understand the different options you have. With the evolution of garage doors over the past few decades, there are more options than ever before. Here are some different types you have to choose from:

●      Swing-Out Garage Doors

Being a unique take on a garage door, swing-out models add style to any home or business. These doors typically come in wood and are very decorative. These doors have also been called carriage doors, which were used for horses and carriages before cars were even invented. These swing-out doors used to be very large with enough room to fit horses and carriages, but now these doors come in many different sizes to fit your specific needs. For top-notch swing-out door solutions, Garage Door Repair Company is here for you. From our friendly team to our unmatched commercial and residential garage door services, we’re the most trusted home solutions provider in the area.

●      Glass-Paneled

Another garage door option to consider is a glass-paneled model. Coming in many different shapes and sizes, these doors can typically be customized to fit your needs. These doors add a sleek, modern look that can really boost the curb appeal of any home or business. Now you may be thinking, are these garage doors safe? These doors are made with strong, sturdy glass so you can rest easy knowing your home or business is protected. In addition, while the glass on these doors is typically translucent, light is radiated during the day to limit heat. When the lights are on inside your garage at night, the glass-panels create a glow that adds a look and feel like no other.

●      Sectional

Being the most popular type of garage door in the United States, sectional garage doors have various panel sections that are connected by hinges. When the door opens and closes, wheels that are connected to the panels roll along a vertical track that curves inward once it reaches the ceiling. As the garage door is operated, the door that's connected to these wheels moves along the track and is completely parallel to the ceiling once the door is in the “up” position.


These doors are typically made of high-quality steel and can be customized with different textures, window inserts, and more. Looking for top-notch sectional doors in the Minneapolis, MN area? If so, Garage Door Repair Company has the solutions you can depend on. From new commercial garage door installations to residential garage door services, we have just what you need.

●      Roll-Up Garage Doors

Roll-up garage doors are typically used in commercial applications, but homes can also utilize these models. This style is made with two- to three-inch steel slat sections that roll around a drum that sits above the garage door. These doors are usually used in places with limited ceiling space or in homes or businesses that use garage doors frequently. And given the heavy-duty functionality of these doors, they are typically more expensive than other models. However, their durability and high-quality performance make these excellent garage doors to consider.

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