Garage doors are vital components of any home or business. These doors help to protect your property from theft and harsh weather conditions, in addition to providing easy access for exiting and entering your property. But similar to all machines out there, wear and tear is very likely with these important machines. Given that garage doors are used frequently on a daily basis, the components used in these doors will become worn out over time. To ensure your garage door lasts for many years, it’s important to take care of routine maintenance tasks and to have a professional company inspect your garage door on a yearly basis.

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While it’s always important to call us for regular inspections of your garage door, there are some key things to remember in regards to knowing when your garage door needs to be serviced. One important component to keep a close eye on is your garage door springs. But to really understand how these key components work, let’s first dive into how the whole garage door functions.

How a Garage Door Works

There are two types of garage door systems out there: an extension spring system and a torsion spring system. Below we'll take a more in-depth look at these systems:

●      Extension Spring System

This type of system utilizes springs that are attached to cables. Theses cables are then attached to the bottom corners of the door. When the door is in the closed position, the springs are stretched. When the door is opened, the stored energy in the springs is used to lift the door. As this process is constantly repeated, these springs begin to lose their power, resulting in the weakening of the steel in the springs.

●      Torsion Spring System

This system works with torsion springs that are usually mounted horizontally above the garage door. When the door moves down, the cables cause the springs to wind up, causing a great deal of stored energy. When the door opens, the springs unwind, causing the release of energy in the springs. Over time, the steel found in these springs can become weak, which might cause these springs to fail.

No matter what type of garage door system you have, we’re the commercial and residential garage door company that can handle all of your needs. From fixing springs to providing commercial garage door installations, we have the perfect solutions for any job!

When to Replace Springs

You might now have further knowledge of how garage doors work and the importance of the springs. But are you aware of when these springs should be replaced? Here are some signs to look out for that might indicate it’s time for a replacement:

●      The Door Doesn’t Operate

This one is pretty obvious and easy to understand, but it might not mean the problem lies with your garage door springs. If your garage door isn’t working, you might have faulty springs. You might not hear anything at all if you try to use your door, or you might hear minimal noise. If any of these things are happening, be sure to call Garage Door Repair Company for reliable commercial and residential garage door services.

●      The Door Doesn’t Pass the Manual Test

Another way to tell if your springs are going bad involves a manual test. This test works for torsion garage door systems. The first step is to disengage your automatic garage door opener, and then lift up your door manually. The door should stay locked in the up position, without needing to hold it up. If it falls to the floor, you could have faulty springs.

●      The Weight Seems Off

Another way to test the function of your springs involves manually lifting the door halfway up. If the door falls down, you guessed it—damaged springs. But be sure to also check the weight of the door as you slide it up. If it appears heavy, then the springs might break very soon. If the door is light, then the springs might be the wrong size for your door.

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