Maintaining the functionality and build of your garage door is important regardless if there's anything wrong with it, so being somewhat knowledgeable is essential in the event something goes wrong.


Garage doors are complex systems given the fact that they're not only electronics, but they're also subject to harsh outdoor weather. Given the event that something goes wrong, there's a wide range of parts that require troubleshooting in order to reach a conclusion for repair. Thankfully, we're going to cover some of the most common problems garage owners have to address when it comes to their garage door repair.

Common Garage Door Troubleshooting and Maintenance Tips

It's important to understand that most problems require professional assistance, so try not to bite off more than you can chew when it comes to repairing your garage door. The earlier you can address a problem, the price for correction will be significantly smaller, and the chance for further damage considerably shrinks. Here's a look at some issues that many fall victim to.


●        The Garage Door Opener Isn't Working

Being one of the most common issues garage door owners face, it also happens to be one of the easier problems for a repair person to tackle. If you happen to have a garage door that operates with a drive screw or a chain, and it isn't working, it's likely to need some lubrication to reduce the amount of friction. If this happens to be your issue, a garage door repair person can put some garage door spray lubrication or lubricant (silicone-based) on the garage door opener's entire length.


●        Gaps/Cracks

If you have a wooden garage door, a gap or crack is a very common issue. If you're looking to solve this problem (or prevent it from becoming more severe) with a repair person, they can use a sealant or waterproof filler to stop or prevent the problem from getting out of hand.


●        Weather Sealant is Broken or Cracked

The weather sealant reduces street noise, seals the air leaks, and prevents water from coming in. If the weather sealant is broken, cracked, or beginning split, a replacement is necessary. To solve this problem, you'll have to hire a repair person to remove the old sealant and put in a new one to replace it.


●        The Garage Door Isn't Sealing at the Bottom

If the garage door isn't closing all the way, it may be best to hire a repair person to install pipe insulation to close the gap where the garage door isn't making connection to the ground.


●        The Garage Door Opens for a Few Inches, Then it Closes

If this happens to be the issue with your garage door, it's likely that the springs (located at the top of your door) require replacement. If you have had springs replaced in the last three years, it's possible you'll only have to replace ones that have broken. A repair person can make sure the springs are all in working order.


Many repair people replace all the springs at the same time, since replacing springs individually can double the cost of door repair if left unattended.


●        The Garage Door is Making a Grinding Noise

There could be a plethora of problems that stem from squeaky sections, shoddy parts, or loose hardware, but many of these issues are easy to address. More often than not, if your garage door is squeaking, it may only need lubrication from a professional. If you happen to stumble upon any other unusual noises, a repair person can contact the manufacturer for additional information.


●        The Garage Door Closes, Then Opens Immediately Opens

If this happens to be your issue, the problem could be coming from the photo eyes of your garage door. The photo eyes are the small, plastic devices located on both sides of the garage door and operate as a safety feature.


A repair person will begin by searching for the flashing light on the eye of the device. If it isn't flashing green (or at all), that could be the problem. If the device is working properly, they'll check to see if there's something blocking the photo eye.


If the eye is working fine with no obstructions, a professional will check if it the photo eye is misaligned. They'll measure from the ground to the center of one of the photo eyes. From here, they'll measure from the wall to the center of the photo eye. Then, they'll do the same for the other photo eye. If these numbers match, it means there could be a larger issue and the repair person may have to contact the manufacturer.


Considering the information above, there's plenty of ways to troubleshoot or repair a garage door issue. Thankfully, Garage Door Repair Company is here to do exactly that. Contact us today for more information!