A broken garage door can lead to a less efficient workplace and an inconvenience at home. From maintenance for your residential garage door to commercial garage door installations, Garage Door Repair Company is the company to call. But while you may need maintenance for your garage door, it may be hard to understand everything that happens at these visits. In this post, we’ll discuss what services are completed during these important maintenance appointments.

What Happens During a Maintenance Visit

To better understand what happens during a garage door maintenance service call, see our checklist below. During our repair visit, our team will:

●        Visually inspect all components

●        Check for rust throughout the unit

●        Tighten all bolts and nuts

●        Inspect roller ball bearings and ensure proper function

●        Check center and end bearings

●        Make sure tracks are clear

●        Change track alignment if necessary

●        Inspect weather seals

●        Make sure spring balance works properly

●        Adjust tension to torsion springs if needed

●        Verify opener limits/forces

●        Check safety sensor alignment

●        Conduct opener safety auto reverse test

●        Ensure opener chain or belt works

●        Lubricate all moving parts and other components as needed

During a maintenance visit, our team will also ask you questions about the age of your garage door, who installed it, and how it’s been performing. If our team notices anything out of the ordinary, we may recommend commercial garage door repairs or residential garage door services.


When you choose Garage Door Repair Company for your maintenance needs, we’ll run through this checklist to ensure your garage door is ready to perform at its best. From commercial garage door repairs to a wide variety of residential garage door services, we’re here to keep your garage door working effectively for many years to come.

Call Us for Top-Notch Maintenance

Not many people realize it, but maintenance is very important to the life of your garage door. Whether we’re called for commercial garage door installations or residential services, we always inspect your garage door thoroughly before conducting any work. Our team always pays close attention to detail to ensure you’ll receive professional services every single time. Garage Door Repair Company is proud to be a commercial and residential garage door company that always puts its customers first. Make an appointment with our trusted team today!