Garage doors serve many important purposes, whether it’s at home or a commercial space. However, just like all other mechanical machines out there, these doors do have issues from time to time. Given just how important these garage doors are, it’s vital that any issues are fixed right away.


However, though there are many problems that can occur with garage doors, some are hard to detect. In this post, we’ll discuss common garage door problems and suggest when to call a commercial or residential garage door company for a repair or replacement.

Garage Door Won’t Move

If you arrive home and click your garage door remote only to notice that nothing happens, it’s pretty obvious you have a problem. For homeowners and business owners everywhere, this is a common issue. When this happens, it typically means the power source isn’t working properly or the power box got unplugged somehow. In an effort to fix the issue, be sure to check that everything is plugged in correctly and that the necessary power is going to your garage door opener.

Remote Won’t Work

While you might think a non-functioning garage door might mean there’s no power to the power box, it could also mean your remote control isn’t working properly. If this issue is happening to you, first check to see if your remote needs a new battery. If the battery is fresh, it could be possible that the remote just isn’t working for some reason. If you've added fresh batteries and everything is plugged in and receiving enough power, call a residential garage door company on what to do next.

Loud Screeching Noises

Another common problem that might lead to needing residential garage door services is a loud, screeching garage door. There can be many different causes of this annoying noise, but it seems to happen over time from normal use. If you constantly notice loud noises every time your garage door runs, you might need some maintenance work done or maybe even residential or commercial garage door repairs.


For a DIY solution, you could try lubricating the tracks on your door and ensure the bearings are in adequate shape. You might also try tightening the bolts and screws to ensure everything is properly attached. If the problem isn’t fixed, be sure to call Garage Door Repair Company right away.


Commercial and Residential Garage Door Services

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