Today’s garage doors offer a wide range of options for home and business owners in Minneapolis. There are several types of models that operate differently although they perform the same function. When it comes to how garage doors open and close, there are three main options:


1.      Screw drive

2.      Chain drive

3.      Belt drive


Let’s look at each type of garage door installation to see which type is best for your home or business.


●        Screw Drive

Screw drive garage door openers operate on a threaded steel rod that rotates to project a trolley back and forth. The motor in the garage door opener spins the rod. When the rod rotates, the trolley opens and closes the door.


Screw drive door openers have a simple operation. As a result, they require little maintenance and even fewer repairs. They also do not have to be adjusted after the initial installation. One of the best benefits of screw drive rods is that they are super quiet.


●        Belt Drive

Belt drive openers utilize a steel-reinforced belt to shift the trolley back and forth. Belt drives are definitely quieter, but they cannot handle the weight of heavier doors. Therefore, you may want to purchase a light aluminum garage door if you choose to use a belt drive.


One advantage of belt drives is that they last an incredibly long time and are very durable. Like screw drives, they require little maintenance. What maintenance they do require is simple and low-cost. 


●        Chain Drives

Chain drives are the most popular and oldest type of garage door openers. After all these years, they still compete with other types of doors in terms of performance and longevity. Chain drives are the most cost-effective of the three types. They are also low maintenance and require no adjusting once they are installed.


The only drawback to chain drives is that they are noisier than the belt and screw drives. However, manufacturers have built them to be quieter over the last few years.

Which is Best?

If you want a quiet garage door opener, then get a belt garage door. If you want a garage door opener that can handle larger, heavier doors, then opt for a chain garage door. If you are on a budget, then get a screw garage door. Otherwise, you can’t go wrong with any of the choices.

Garage Door Installation in Minneapolis, MN

If you are unsure of what to invest in, then contact a Garage Door Repair Company technician to inspect your current door. We can make recommendations and also repair or replace your current garage door.


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