You may have noticed that your garage door is in poor working condition and doesn’t look as nice as it used to. If so, you may be considering your options. Repairing your garage door can save you money and restore the look and finish. However, replacing the door also has some advantages. Below, we compare garage door repair vs. replacement. Which is best for you? Let’s find out.

The Benefits of Garage Door Repair

Naturally, you’ll be weighing the cost of a garage door repair. Your cost can be measured in two ways:

Short-Term Costs

These are costs you will face right now. For instance, you may need to replace some springs, rollers, panels, or a garage door opener. While these repairs are simple, they can add up. So, you need to determine if the cost of the repairs is worth keeping the door.

Long-Term Costs

If you need to keep calling a garage door technician over and again to keep the door operational, then these costs can add up over an extended period. Long-term repair is an indicator that your door is getting worse and needs to be replaced.


However, there are some benefits to repairing your garage door.


●        A single repair is more affordable than a replacement.

●        Most repairs are simple.

●        Repairs may also include part upgrades that can improve your garage door’s performance.

●        Some replacements, such as openers or control panels, now offer additional features that make your garage door more enjoyable to open and close.

The Benefits of Garage Door Replacement

By default, a garage door replacement is always a step up simply because newer is better. Plus, when you consider the long-term, a garage door will last several years with fewer maintenance and repair issues.


There are other benefits to purchasing a new garage door:


●        A garage door replacement is the single greatest home upgrade with the highest ROI. You can expect an 80% or higher return on your investment. Therefore, it drastically improves your home’s value.

●        New garage doors offer better insulation due to the door material.

●        A new garage door will improve your home’s curb appeal.

●        You can choose from a wide range of new features, such as automation, smart technology, safety features, and locking mechanisms.


When compared to a replacement, the only real downside to a new garage door is the cost. The upfront investment is drastically higher than a repair. However, the long-term investment is almost always worth it.

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