When installing or upgrading a garage door, one of the most important decisions you’ll make is whether to purchase a garage door with windows. Garage door windows provide lots of features and advantages over solid windows. Garage Door Repair Company can install garage doors with built-in windows or retrofit if you decide you want them at a later date.

The Pros


●        Match the Other Windows. If you get windows, make sure they match the other windows in your home. The additions will add to an already cohesive design so that your garage doesn’t look like a separate part of the house.


●        Additional Sunlight. Sunlight has two benefits. First, it adds more natural light throughout the day. You may not have to use electricity to illuminate the area. Second, sunlight is also a good source of warmth during the winter. Your garage won’t be so cold.


●        Style and Design. Garage door windows add a decorative touch to your overall window design. We can install doors with windows that now align horizontally or vertically. There are other patterns you can choose from, as well.

The Cons


●        Poor Insulation. Although windows do allow more sunlight into the garage, they don’t have as much insulative power as an insulated door. They have a low R-value rating, which means more cold or heat will pass through the glass during the peak seasons. They also offer little protection against UV rays.


●        No Privacy. Anyone in the neighborhood can peek into your garage and see what is inside. Burglars can break through the glass and open the garage doors if the windows are positioned too low. If you decide to use windows, make sure you have back up security, such as additional door locks (when needed) or alarms. You may also want to install a security camera.

Choose High-Quality, Durable Garage Door Windows

If you decide to invest in garage door windows, we recommend you spend a little more and go with high-quality products. Windows made from solid construction will maintain a tight seal between the frame and the glass to eliminate drafts or moisture. Choose doors with real glass. A glass surface is far more scratch-resistant than imitation glass. If you want to maintain privacy and security, then try implementing tint or frost onto the glass.

Garage Door Installation in St. Paul, Minnesota

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