A burglary occurs about once every 18 seconds in the U.S. Many of these invasions occur during the day and either in or through the garage. In fact, the garage is often perceived as the most vulnerable entry point in any home. All someone has to do is simply raise the garage door and walk into the house.


You have the power to control who gets into your garage. By practicing a few measures and utilizing some modern technology, you can optimize your home’s security - especially your garage door.


Read below to find out how to keep your garage door from being broken into.

Get Rid of Your Old Garage Door

If your garage door is bordering on 20 years or older, then it’s time to get a brand new garage door. Today's garage door come with great built-in safety features such as industry-grade locks, windowless panels, coded keypads, and limited access handles.


A new garage door installation adds value to your home and has a favorable ROI. It’s one of the smartest and easiest renovations you can make in your home.

Conceal Your Remotes and Panels

Conventional wisdom tells you to make your garage door panels and remotes easily accessible. However, the question you must ask is “Who is able to access them?” When you install your new panel, try to think of a place you can put it where only you or your family have access to it.


Also, store your remotes on a shelf or somewhere where they are hidden. Try to keep from putting them on a keyring on the wall.

Automate Your Garage Door

We’re living in 2019. The time is now to automate your garage door opener and panel. You can integrate it into your security system, lighting, and other systems. You can also download an app so that you can alert, reports, and even view who is breaking into your garage via a security camera.


When it comes burglary, modernization can help you stay ahead of the criminals.

Get Windowless Panels

Even with all of the advances in garage door windows, your best bet is still to get panels that cannot be peeked through or broken. Only solid panels offer this level of security.


If you choose to get a garage door with window, then place the windows high, make sure they are small, and get reinforced glass.

Garage Door Installation in Minneapolis, MN

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