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Why does my garage door reverse when I use the remote?

If something blocks the infrared beam between the safety sensors on either side of the door, the garage door reverses as a safety precaution. Remove anything in the path of the infrared beam.

Direct sunlight hitting a sensor can also prevent the door from shutting. Install a safety sensor sun shield to prevent sunlight interference with the sensors.

How do I test the garage door opener safety sensors?

Check the safety sensors for proper alignment. Then, with the garage door open, place a box or other obstruction between the safety sensors. Shut the door using a remote. The door should close slightly and then reverse.

Why do my remotes work only when close to the motor?

Radio frequency (RF) interference from electronic devices can limit the range of a remote. Some garage door openers have a flexible antenna that you can adjust to try to eliminate the problem.


If the problem continues, locate and eliminate the source of the RF interference. Motion detectors on security lights or home alarm systems can cause RF interference. Electronic game consoles also can interfere with RF signals. If you're unable to find the source of RF

Why can’t I program my garage door opener remotes?

Weak batteries can interfere with the programming function. Replace the batteries in all the remotes and the keyless entry pad. If you still can’t program your remotes, erase all of the remote codes and reprogram the remotes. With a universal remote, follow the programming steps provided. After pressing the program button on the remote, press the Learn button on the motor unit of your garage door opener. Press and release the button on the remote to operate the garage door opener. The garage door opener light blinks to indicate programming is complete. You might have to repeat pressing and releasing the remote button before the motor unit accepts the programming.


If you recently purchased new remotes, make sure the remotes are compatible with your model of garage door opener.

How do I open my garage door during a power outage?

The garage door opener has an emergency release cord attached to the trolley. Pull the cord to release the trolley from the garage door. You can then open and close the garage door manually.

Why does my garage door reverse as soon as it hits the floor?

Check the garage door opener down travel limit. The door reverses if it hits an immovable object during down travel. If you set the down travel limit too far, the garage door opener continues to close the door until the door hits the floor and then the garage door opener reverses to open the door since it hit an immovable object.


If you're not able to program the down travel to stop when the door closes, then the garage door opener could have a defective limit switch, a wiring failure or a faulty logic board.

Can I program my remote to open more than one garage door?

Most garage door opener remotes have 3 activation buttons. You can program each of the universal remote’s three buttons to open a different garage door. You’ll need to choose a new button for each garage door opener. Unfortunately, most remotes won’t let you program one button to activate two door openers at the same time.


Also, if you have different models of garage door opener installed in your home, make sure the remote that your program is compatible with all your models. Universal remotes are available for most garage door opener models. Universal remotes work with almost all models. Purchase a universal remote to program one device to operate garage door openers that use incompatible, original remotes.

Why can't I program my garage door opener's universal remote?

Universal remotes often require a different programming procedure than your original remote device. Follow the instructions provided with the universal remote. Most universal remotes have a small programming button on the back of the device that you must press to begin the programming procedure.


Also, universal remotes often require more than one attempt to link the remote device to your garage door opener. If you press the universal remote button and the garage door opener lights don't blink to indicate the garage door opener accepted the programming, press the remote button a second time. Don't forget to press a different remote button to complete the universal remote programming once the garage door opener lights blink.

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