You may notice standing water on your garage floor after a heavy thunderstorm. Alternatively, you may go out to the garage and feel drafts coming from all around the garage door frame. If so, it may be time for Garage Door Repair Company to install new weather stripping on your garage door.


If the weatherstripping is worn, torn, or missing, we can install brand new weatherstripping to insulate your garage against rain and extreme temperatures. To schedule a garage door repair or installation, contact us today at 612-886-9606.

Types of Garage Door Weatherstripping

The garage door weatherstripping we install depends on the type of garage door and garage door frame on your house. Below is a summary of the different kinds of weatherstripping you can choose.


V-strip or tension seal weatherstripping contains durable, weather-ready plastic metal strips creased into a V-shape. The stripping fills the gaps in the garage door frame by opening up. We install V-strip tension weatherstripping across the top and down the sides of the door.

Felt Rolls

Felt weatherstripping comes in rolls. We can install either plain felt or felt reinforced with a metal strip. Felt is cost-effective, but it may only last a year or two.


Although it has a short lifespan, it may be a good idea to change your stripping every two to three years. So felt stripping could be a good buy. We place the felt strip around the door jam so that it compresses and creates a tight seal when you close the door.


Foam weatherstripping contains either open or closed-cell foam or EPDM rubber with an adhesive on the back. There are a variety of widths that accommodate almost any door size. So if you have a unique garage door, this may be the weatherstripping for you.

Rubber, Vinyl, or Silicone

This type of weatherstripping consists of a narrow sponge made of rubber or vinyl tubing. It is reinforced with a wood or metal strip that we mount on the base or bottom of the door and insert into milled grooves. It makes a snug fit between the door and jam.

Door Sweeps

Aluminum or stainless steel door sweeps can fill any gap between the door and the threshold. We fasten the sweeps to a strip of nylon, plastic, or vinyl. We then place it along the inside bottom of the door.


The right type of weatherstripping can seal your day, thus, eliminating dirt and moisture, as well as prevent bugs from invading your home. A sealed door also provides insulation for your garage and prevents cold or hot air from seeping in. We can install the weatherstripping so that there are no gaps or tiny holes.

Types of Garage Door Threshold Seals

In addition to standard weatherstripping, we can also install threshold seals that offer either additional or an alternative seal for your garage door.  The four types of seals include:


The most common type of threshold is the saddle-type. When we combine with a door sweep, the threshold limits airflow, water, and dust. The right saddle height will close the gap between the floor and the bottom of the door.


If you have a door that swings out, we recommend installing a panic-type threshold. Manufacturers design the panic threshold seal for the vertical rod of the door. That way they meet and form a tight seal.


If you live in a home that has certain structural specifications such as in-swinging doors, interlocking thresholds are the perfect fit. They are designed to have an L or J-hook on the bottom of the door. The door interlocks with the threshold. We can install interlocking thresholds for both in-swinging and out-swinging doors.


Vinyl thresholds are similar to saddle type thresholds. The only difference is that they contain a strip of inserted across the top of the saddle. The strip reinforces the vinyl to create a durable seal. When we install the vinyl, we inspect the seal to ensure that it is tight and gap-free.

Garage Door Installation Services in the Twin Cities

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