When you have children, any household item can become a danger, and your garage door is no exception. You also know that telling your kids to stay away from your garage door only makes them gravitate toward it. To children, garage doors can be fascinating toys; but to you, a closing garage door can be a serious threat. Fortunately, there are quick and easy methods you can employ to childproof your garage door and protect your little ones from harm.


To help give you ideas on how to accomplish that, Garage Door Repair Company has put together this list of child safety tips.


1.  Double Check Your Garage Door Safety Sensors

Your garage door safety sensors emit a laser beam that spans the length of your door’s threshold. If this beam is broken, the sensors function to halt the closing of your garage door and reverse it back open. To be sure these sensors are fully functional, test them by closing your garage door and swiping your foot through the sensor’s path. If the door stops and reverses, you know your sensor is working correctly. If it fails to halt, replace your sensors immediately. Keep in mind that older garage doors may not feature safety sensors, so contact your local garage door company to have them installed.


2. Test the Auto-Reverse Function

All garage doors installed after 1991 come with a built-in auto-reverse function. Like your safety sensors, you should test this feature regularly to make sure it is working. To perform the test, place a 2 x 4 on the floor beneath the middle of the garage door. When the door encounters the wood, it should reverse upward. You should also test the door by stopping it with your hands as it goes down. When it’s working correctly, it should reverse within two seconds. If you find that it does not perform well in either test, contact a professional garage door maintenance service for an inspection.


3.  Cover Gaps and Holes

If your garage door operates on tracks, you run the risk of little fingers getting stuck. Garage door tracks have small holes in them, so it’s best to cover them with duct tape to avoid injury. Section joints on your garage door can also present a danger for little fingers. While you can’t cover those with duct tape, some newer doors feature protective joints. If you’d like to install a door with built-in protection, contact your local garage door company to find out if they have such doors in stock.


4. Determine Where Door Springs and Cables Are

Your garage door has springs and cables that help it move upward and can be extremely dangerous if your child decides to play with them. When your door is closed, these springs and cables are under an incredible amount of tension. If they break, serious injury can be the result. To help protect your child, make sure you locate the cables and springs. If you notice damage in either of these components, have them repaired or replaced immediately. Or, if your door features outside lift cables, it may be time to consider installing a new garage door.  Many manufacturers have introduced new safety measures designed to protect you and your children from these dangers.


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