When it rains, is the rain coming through your closed garage door? Maybe small pests are getting inside, or the is sun shining through the garage door. If this is happening to your garage door, you need to replace the weather-stripping. Garage Door Repair Company is here to solve this problem for you. We provide complete garage door repair and maintenance inMinneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota.


Purpose of Garage Door Weather Stripping

The purpose of having a good seal on your garage door is to keep the snow, water, rodents, and insects out of your garage. A tight seal will help keep the contents of your garage safe from animals and the weather elements. Also, having a proper seal on your garage door will help to control the hot and cold air in your garage. Another benefit of making sure your garage door is sealed properly is to keep the parts of your door from rusting.


Parts of Seal of Your Garage Door

There are three parts of your garage door that need to be sealed: the top, the sides, and the bottom. Usually, the top is sealed first, and the sides are measured, cut, and installed after this. The bottom is usually sealed last. The seal installation is to ensure you get a proper seal around your garage door.


Tops and Sides of Garage Doors

The top and sides of the door frame have the seal nailed to it. The seal has a PVC portion that has a vinyl flap molded to it. The flap folds over the garage door sealing off the gap between the door and the door jamb. The nailed part of the seal is made of PVC because PVC is durable and is maneuverable. The seal comes in different colors so that you can match the color of trim and garage door. This type of seal is beneficial because of the durability, and it can create a tight seal to keep out the moisture, insects, rodents, etc.


Bottom of Garage Doors

Most garage doors have a channel on the bottom that the seal slides into. This channel is called the retainer. Some retainers are a part of the garage door, but most are a separate part that is attached to the garage door. Retainers consist of steel, aluminum, and PVC.


The most common and beneficial style of a seal is the U-shaped with T ends and slides into the retainer. This type of seal is beneficial because it forms a solid seal keeping out the weather elements and creatures. There are also seal styles such as bead and bulb. The u-shaped T end style consists of vinyl, rubber, and PVC. Wood garage doors have the weather stripping nailed to the bottom of the door. There are two standard types of this seal. One is a soft sponge type that will conform to slight irregularities in the floor. The other seal is a dense rubber seal. This seal is more durable than the soft sponge seal, but it will not conform to irregularities in the floor. However, the u-shape t end seal can be used on wood garage doors also.


Garage Door Company in St. Paul, Minnesota

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