Testing the safety of your garage door is an important responsibility that comes with the luxury of having one. To keep it from potentially falling on someone or something, your local garage door company can make sure your door is safe. Have a garage door professional look at it annually or semi-annually for a thorough inspection. At Garage Door Repair Company, we conduct professional garage door inspections to ensure your door is functioning properly. If you are in Twin Cities Metro area and need a garage door tune-up, contact us.


Check for Safety

Here are six things we do first to test garage door safety:


1. Check for Auto-Reverse Feature

We test your door to make sure it automatically reverses if something is in the way of it closing. An electric eye should sit about four to six inches off the ground and be mounted in line with the door opening. This feature should force the door to automatically reverse if anything is in its way. If you have a new home, this should come standard on your garage door.


2. Test Functionality of Auto-Reverse

If your door doesn’t seem to be reversing when there is an obstruction in the opening, it’s not functioning correctly. You can test this feature with a 2-by-4. Put the wood block flat on the ground in the pathway of the door opening. If it doesn’t reverse as soon as it touches the 2-by-4, then the reverse feature isn’t working right. It may need to be repaired or replaced.


3. Check Individual Parts

We check the individual garage door parts that need regular upkeep, and will fix or repair any parts that the owner’s manual explains are routine maintenance. These repairs should only be small things like loosening bolts, re-aligning rollers, or cleaning and oiling parts. Instructions typically recommend the homeowner do this once a month.


4. Consider Remote and Keypad

Don’t overlook the garage remote and keypad when considering safety. We will make sure both are installed and functioning properly. It’s up to you to keep your remote in the proper hands, so never let children play with it. When you use the keypad instead of the remote, always make sure someone watches the door close.


5. Check the Balance

The balance on your garage door is checked by first tripping the release mechanism. After releasing the door, you can close the door all the way, and pull it up by hand. If the door moves smoothly on its tracks, then it is balanced. Also, the door should stay open about three or four feet above the ground. If the door springs up or falls instead, then it should be serviced by a professional as soon as possible.


6. Check the Force Setting

The force setting also needs to be tested for safety. This setting is the feature that causes the door to reverse if there is resistance as it’s shut. It can be checked by holding the bottom of the door as it’s closing. If the setting doesn’t reverse in response to moderate resistance, it needs to be adjusted. Refer to the manual that came with the door to learn specific details about the force setting. Consult your local garage door company for help with this setting.


Garage Door Repair Company Services St. Paul, Minnesota

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