Not all garage doors are created equal. There are several types of models, and each operates uniquely. All garage doors fall into three main categories: screw drive, chain drive, and belt drive. Let's explore each of these types of garage doors and explain the advantage of each. If you have any further questions about garage doors or need a garage door installation, feel free to call Garage Door Repair Company in St. Paul, Minnesota.


Screw Drive Garage Door Openers

Screw drive garage door openers operate on a threaded steel rod that rotates to push and pull a trolley. The motor turns the rod, and the trolley pulls the door open and closed. The pushing and pulling force differs from a chain drive or belt drive garage door opener.


Advantages. Screw drive garage door openers are easy to maintain because they contain less moving parts. We do not need to adjust the rod once we install it. Fewer moving parts equates less maintenance and repair. It also means that screw drive rod is quieter.


Belt Drive Garage Door Openers

Belt drive openers are similar to standard chain drive openers, but they utilize a steel-reinforced belt to move the trolley. Although they have distinct advantages over the other types of openers, they cannot handle the weight of heavy doors.


Advantages. If you're looking for a quiet garage door opener, we recommend belts garage door openers over all others. Although they are a bit pricier than chain openers, we like them or their durability and ease of use.


Chain Drive Garage Door Openers

Chain drive openers are by far the most popular of all models. Chain drive openers are also more affordable than belt or screw drive garage door openers. They are durable and long lasting and require little maintenance or adjusting. We can provide garage door maintenance for and adjust the opener annually.


Advantages. Chain openers are your most affordable options, and they're worth the money. Although they are a bit noisier than the other models, they can handle a lot more weight.


Which Garage Door Opener is Best for You?

Your budget, your needs, and the type of garage door you have will determine what type of garage door opener you get. If you are unsure of what to invest in, you can contact a Garage Door Repair Company technician to inspect your current door. We can make recommendations and also repair or replace your current garage door. We provide a wide range of repair, replacement, and new installation services for homeowners in the Twin Cities metro area. To find out more, call us at  612-886-9606, or you can message us on our contact page.