In this age of do-it-yourself, there are many things that the average homeowner might attempt to accomplish which may be beyond their scope of experience. One of those things is attempting to do major garage door repairs, that can not only become extremely frustrating, but when working on the torsion springs, can be downright dangerous.


Basic Maintenance is Okay


There is a huge difference here between major garage door repairs, that your residential garage door company should handle, and basic maintenance tasks that keep your garage door operating smoothly. Things like inspecting hinges and roller wheels for wear, tightening loose nuts and bolts and giving the chain a spray of Lithium grease once per year, and your door will keep on working just like new. These tasks virtually anyone can do. However, if in doubt, always call a professional.


Major Repairs


Major garage door repairs include a torsion spring breaking, a door getting jammed that won't open or close, a broken cable that may cause your door to sag, or broken hinges that may cause garage door panels to fall off. Of course, always check to see if your sensors may be blocked if your electric garage door opened refuses to close the door, and if several bolts have become loose or fallen out of a hinge, they can easily be screwed back in. But anything to do with cables or the torsion springs should be left to residential garage door services, or in a business setting, commercial garage door repairs. A layperson with only DIY skills can get into serious trouble when attempting to fix these types of problems.


Know the Difference


If your garage door doesn't work, there has got to be a reason. If something gets inadvertently jammed in the track, like a broom handle, it can be easily removed. But if the door doesn't work, and you see hanging cables, a broken spring or a chain that has come off the motor drive, these are better to be taken care of by your residential garage door company. They'll be able to ascertain the cause, determine what steps to take, and repair it professionally, and safely.


Remember, basic maintenance can be accomplished with some elbow grease and DIY experience, but when it comes to major garage door repair, always rely on residential garage door services, or for your business, commercial garage door repair.


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