Over the past decade or so, many types of home appliance installations have been manufactured for ease of installation for the do-it-yourself crowd. Garage door openers are one of these appliances where the DIY market has been taken into consideration, in an attempt to bypass residential garage door services. And while it's true a very skilled person may be able to install a garage door opener, there is a catch.


Replacing a Non-Working Garage Door Motorized Unit


This is the catch. When replacing a non-working garage door motorized unit, virtually everything has already been done. The mounts are in place, the rail is in place, and the chain is in place. Essentially, all someone needs to do is unbolt the old unit and mount the new unit. Sure, you'll need some tools and some skill to get this accomplished, and virtually anyone with solid do-it-yourself experience will be able to master this task. But in these cases, the difficult work has already been completed, and that's exactly what manufacturers are counting on when they say how easy this unit is to install.


Getting a Brand New Garage Door Opening System


If you have never had a garage door opener system for your garage door, then putting a new one on is decidedly not a do-it-yourself task and should be left to your residential garage door company. Everything has got to be measured just right, aligned correctly and tested, so that the safety features work flawlessly. If the alignment is off, you'll cause unneeded wear and tear that will severely compromise the life of the chain and the motor, as it struggles to pull the door up, putting extra pressure on the axle and bearings.


Perhaps more importantly, if any of the safety features do not work correctly, catastrophic results may occur including damage to your vehicle from a descending garage door, or worse, causing injury to a loved one by being pinned or struck. Those safety factors alone warrant professional garage door residential or commercial garage door installation all by themselves.


Is This a Do-It-Yourself Job?


When replacing just the motorized unit, it could be done by a do-it-yourselfer. But you'll still need to lift heavy weights, go up on a ladder and line things up correctly. That may not be a possibility for many people, particularly those with physical limitations. As far as brand new installations go, there are too many variables for the average do-it-yourself person to accomplish. When getting a brand new garage door opening system, where one has never been before, it is always best to have a professional take care of the job.


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