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Garage Door Opener

Screw, Belt, & Chain Garage Door Openers: Which is Best?

Today’s garage doors offer a wide range of options for home and business owners in Minneapolis. There are several types of models that operate differently although they perform the same function. When it comes to how garage doors open and close, there are three main options:

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Common Garage Door Opener Troubleshooting Questions Answered

You may have garage door questions that you want to ask before you purchase a garage door. A Garage Door Repair Company specialist can answer your garage door questions.

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Comparing Screw, Belt & Chain Garage Door Openers

Not all garage doors are created equal. There are several types of models, and each operates uniquely. All garage doors fall into three main categories: screw drive, chain drive, and belt drive. Let's explore each of these types of garage doors and explain the advantage of each. If you have any further questions about garage doors or need a garage door installation, feel free to call Garage Door Repair Company in St. Paul, Minnesota.

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Tune up and Safety Inspection in Coon Rapids, MN

We have gotten past the Holidays, moved in to the new year of 2017, and just like that it is already almost the end of January.  Next thing you know it will be summer and you might start looking at your garage door more and more as the sun starts to come out and we spend more time outdoors. However at Garage Door Repair Company we believe you should always be thinking of your Garage Door whether it is cold or warm. It is the largest moving mechanical object in your home and you want to make sure it is functioning properly and safely year round. That is why we offer tune up and safety inspections to make sure your door is working and also let you know if there are any concerns you as a customer should know about so we can perform some preventative maintenance.

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Give the Gift of a New Garage Door Opener this Holiday Season in the Twin Cities

Do you have a family member or close friend that has often complained about their Garage Door Opener or maybe a tech savvy friend who would like to be able to control their door from anywhere? Well at Garage Door Repair Company we may have a solution for you!

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Stripped Gear and Sprocket Assembly in Minneapolis, MN

Have you ever gone to open your Garage Door and when you push the wall button nothing happens but you can still hear the motor running inside the Garage Door Opener? Usually this means you have a Stripped Gear and Sprocket Assembly and it needs to be repaired or have a new Opener installed.

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Garage Door Opener Replacement in Vadnais Heights, MN

When leaving the house you don’t always look back to make sure that the Garage Door has closed because you rely on your Garage Door Opener to keep working every day and you never really can predict when your Opener may finally run its last cycle. 

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Tune Up and Safety Inspection in St. Paul, MN

June is National Garage Door Safety month and we at Garage Door Repair Company want to go over some things that many customers are not always thinking about when it comes to their Garage Door. 

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Twin Cities Garage Door Replacement

When something around the home breaks it’s typically more cost effective to repair it VS replace it. The same can be said for garage doors, however in some cases a door can be so damaged that the only repair is full replacement.

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Broken Garage Door Spring Twin Cities MN

Has your garage door ever had trouble opening? Perhaps it only goes up a few inches or feet and stops, or maybe it doesn’t open at all. This is most often due to a Broken Garage Door Spring. Garage Door Springs are the lifeblood of the over Garage Door Torsion System; without the springs the garage door would be far too heavy for your opener to lift it.

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