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Spring Repair

When to Replace Your Garage Door Springs

Garage doors are vital components of any home or business. These doors help to protect your property from theft and harsh weather conditions, in addition to providing easy access for exiting and entering your property. But similar to all machines out there, wear and tear is very likely with these important machines. Given that garage doors are used frequently on a daily basis, the components used in these doors will become worn out over time. To ensure your garage door lasts for many years, it’s important to take care of routine maintenance tasks and to have a professional company inspect your garage door on a yearly basis.

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Common Garage Door Issues & Possible Resolutions

Maintaining the functionality and build of your garage door is important regardless if there's anything wrong with it, so being somewhat knowledgeable is essential in the event something goes wrong.

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Is Your Garage Door Stuck Open?

Having your garage door stuck open is an emergency. Not only does it allow full garage access to anyone who decides to walk in, it can allow access to your entire house. If the stuck door is on your commercial building, it is an even more obvious invitation for thieves. It also allows the weather in, which is bad whenever it's not the perfect temperature outdoors. Here are a few of the things our garage door repair technicians may find when you call to get this situation taken care of:

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What Does Garage Door Maintenance Involve?

From large corporations to small homes, garage doors are very important. When they’re not working properly, it can mean a lot of inconvenience for everyone involved. Just like all machines in existence, garage doors too have issues from time to time. And given the importance of these machines, it’s vital these problems are fixed right away. If you’re searching for commercial or residential garage door services in the Minneapolis/St. Paul Metro area, then be sure to contact Garage Door Repair Company!

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Broken Spring Replacement in Mendota Heights, MN

There are some common repairs with Garage Doors and then there are some uncommon repairs with Garage Doors. Broken Springs are probably one of the most common types of repairs that we do with Garage Doors and it can happen to you at any time. In Mendota Heights, MN we had a customer who had just come home from vacation when their spring snapped. Often times it can sound like a gun just went off because there is so much tension on those springs that when they break it can be very dangerous. This is why you always want to trust your Torsion Spring Replacement with an expert. This will ensure that the job is done properly, safely, and you won’t have any other issues in the future. For the Mendota Heights customer we were able to get a technician out immediately after they contacted us and get their Garage Door up and running again within hours.

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Special Reserve Garage Door Installation in White Bear Township, MN

When choosing a new Garage Door we often talk about different things like panel style, window options, straps and handles, and different color options; these are many of our common stock doors that we install on a regular basis. 

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Broken Spring in West St. Paul, MN

We are nearing the end of 2016 and winter is just around the corner; even though it is still September, now is the time to start thinking about your Garage Door

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24 Hour Repairs in Minneapolis, MN

It is never easy when something breaks down and it is even worse when it happens unexpectedly.

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Torsion Conversion in South St. Paul, MN

Often times our customers will inquire about purchasing a brand new Garage Door and price will be a huge talking point when we are giving out quotes. However a cheaper price does not always mean a good quality product.

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Garage Door Won’t Close in St. Paul, MN

As a homeowner you trust that your Garage Door will go up and down consistently every time so it can really be frustrating if your door won’t close suddenly. Or similarly, you go to close your door and about halfway it stops and goes back up. 

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