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Garage Door Maintenance

Craftsmen Garage Door Opener Repair Richfield, MN

There are many types of Garage Doors and Garage Door Openers, knowing who to call for yours can sometimes prove to be challenging. This was recently the case for one of our Richfield customers.

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Garage Door Opener Installation in Maplewood, MN

Garage Door Openers are something that are often taken for granted these days, we have become so accustomed to automated doors that we never really think about them until they break. Especially living in Maplewood, MN the cold temperatures can create havoc on our automated openers. 

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Rebalanced Garage Door Spring Minneapolis, MN

In Minneapolis, Minnesota we recently came across a Garage Door where the customer had re-faced the door with some decorative trim and hardware. While doing this project the homeowner added roughly 30-40lbs of weight to the garage door.

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Garage Door Won’t Close in Minneapolis, MN

There is nothing worse than trying to leave your home to go to work and the Garage Door Wont Close. This is a very common issue that we run into and recently helped one of our North Minneapolis customers with fixing this problem. 

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Custom Spring Replacement in Stillwater, MN

Sometimes you don’t always see it happen but sometimes you might be trying to open the door when a loud banging sound happens in your Garage and you go to take a look and see that your torsion spring has broken, this is time for a replacement.

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Roller & Hinge Replacement Minneapolis, Minnesota

We all have heard what a noisy garage door sounds like. Very few of us actually take the noise for what it is, a sign that something is failing on your garage door. Many homeowners think that the garage door is supposed to make noise which is true, but if you are hearing loud squeaking, popping, 

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Gear and Sprocket Replacement in Anoka, MN

There are many common problems that can happen with your Garage Door; broken springs, broken cables, cracked panels, and garage door openers, however, one of the issues your Garage could have that is not even visible is a broken Gear and Sprocket Assembly.

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Commercial Garage Door Repair Edina, MN

We often get asked if we only Service Residential Garage Doors. It is a surprise to some that a majority of our business comes from Commercial Garage Doors. In most cases, many businesses cannot operate without a functioning garage door.

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New Garage Door Adds Curb Appeal in St. Louis Park, MN

Finding the right Garage Door for your home can often times be more work than its worth. This is not the case when you call Garage Door Repair Co. We recently helped one of our St. Louis Park customers with a Custom Garage Door Install and the results speak for themselves.

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Custom Designed Garage Door Installation in Cottage Grove, MN

There are many different types of Garage Doors in the Twin Cities area and not everyone can choose what they end up with when they purchase a new home. Some Garage Doors may be very simple in their design or some may be very old and starting to break down.

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