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Garage Door Repair

Garage Door Maintenance Tips

As one of the most-used components of a house, maintaining your garage door is an important responsibility of a homeowner. Not only does proper maintenance keep your garage door operating efficiently, but it also keeps your garage door visually pleasing. There are several steps you can take to practice garage door maintenance.

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Common Garage Door Damage And How to Avoid It

A garage door can endure several types of damage. When your garage door experiences severe damage, the door may not work as efficiently and make your home more susceptible to intrusion. As a homeowner, it’s important to recognize the common ways your garage door can deteriorate so you can properly avoid it from happening.

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The Pros and Cons of Windows on Your Garage Door

Whether you’re building a new home or it’s simply time to install a new garage door, as a homeowner, there may come a time when you need to decide what kind of garage door you want. While some homeowners prefer windows on their garage doors, others prefer standard, windowless doors. There are several pros and cons to each style. Understanding each pro and con can help you decide whether to include them on your new garage door.

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How Winter Damages Your Garage Door

Garage doors are one of the most useful parts of a home, as they are opened and closed multiple times a day. Because of its usefulness, it’s important to maintain your garage door to ensure it operates efficiently. Garage doors can experience extreme wear and tear throughout the year, especially during the winter. It’s critical to be aware of the way Minnesota winters can affect your garage door. When you notice winter damage to your garage door, be sure to call Garage Door Repair Company to get assistance from one of our trained professionals.

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When to Replace Your Garage Door

One of the most-used components of a home is the garage door. It opens and closes several times a day, which results in rapid wear and tear. Not only is the garage door a contributing factor to a home’s curb appeal, but it also serves as a major access point. Ensuring your garage door’s security is a critical step to protecting your home and its visual appearance. Because your garage door plays such a large part in the well-being of your home, it’s imperative to notice the signs to replace your garage door.

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What Are Photo Eyes and Why Are They Important?

When your garage door malfunctions, understanding how your garage door works can help you determine what the issue is. One of the main parts of a garage door’s operation is the photo eyes. Located six inches above the ground on either side of the garage door, photo eyes are small sensors that serve as a safety feature for your garage door. The photo eyes share an invisible beam that connects them. When an object or person interrupts the connection, the photo eyes send a signal to the garage door to stop closing.

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Tips for Winterizing Your Garage

Do you have a garage for your home or apartment? Do you notice your garage gets extremely cold during the winter? If so, you might consider winterizing your garage to add some benefits to your home. While you may think that insulating your garage isn’t very helpful, there are many disadvantages to consider that come from a poorly-insulated garage, some of which include:

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Different Styles of Garage Doors

From offering protection for your home to adding stylistic qualities, there are many benefits of garage doors. But have you ever considered the different types of garage doors out there? In order to choose a garage door that’ll work for your specific needs, it's best to consider all of the different styles of garage doors on the market.

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When to Replace Your Garage Door Springs

Garage doors are vital components of any home or business. These doors help to protect your property from theft and harsh weather conditions, in addition to providing easy access for exiting and entering your property. But similar to all machines out there, wear and tear is very likely with these important machines. Given that garage doors are used frequently on a daily basis, the components used in these doors will become worn out over time. To ensure your garage door lasts for many years, it’s important to take care of routine maintenance tasks and to have a professional company inspect your garage door on a yearly basis.

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Five Garage Door Maintenance Tips

It might be hard to believe, but garage doors are vital components to any home or business. From offering protection for your valuables to convenience for exiting and entering your property, garage doors serve many purposes. But similar to most machines out there, garage door maintenance is required to ensure long-lasting operation. However, these tasks are often overlooked. If you live in Minneapolis, MN or anywhere in the Twin Cities area, then Garage Door Repair Company is the business that can handle all your garage door needs. Take a look at some of the services we offer:

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