Spring Repair

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Garage Door Spring Repair Twin Cities

broken garage door spring

When your garage door opens and closes flawlessly every day, it can be easy to take it for granted. So the day it stops working like normal, you’ll be in a hurry to get it fixed. Although it might seem simple, a garage door is complicated system of mechanical parts that work together to provide you with the convenience of parking your car with ease. A door that’s not working can be for any number of reasons, and if it’s the spring, that’s certainly a repair to be trusted to an expert.

The team at Garage Door Repair Company are just the guys to call – it’s right there in our name, after all! We put our experience working on repairing, maintaining, and installing garage doors to good use helping our customers enjoy a reliable convenience. It’s our aim to provide every customer with the best garage door service out there.

What Does a Garage Door Spring Do?

You may not know it until the spring goes bad, but your garage door is actually quite heavy. So while you can still roll it open without the help of the spring, it becomes a lot more work. Known as a torsion spring, it provides tension to help open and close your garage door when you want it to. Because of the amount of force and pressure applied to this spring regularly, sometimes it can give out. It’s a wearable piece of your garage door system, so we see the need for this repair often. The spring is at its tightest when your door is closed, and that’s often when a well-worn door spring will break.

What are the Signs Your Garage Door Spring Needs Repair?

When your garage door spring needs repair, it’s usually because it’s broken. That means the spring has given out under the tension applied to it, and you might hear a loud noise. Again, that’s because a lot of force is on the spring, so when it breaks it really does go bang. When the spring breaks, you may notice that you have a crooked garage door. The pulleys and cables might become loose and be left hanging from the ceilling. If you’ve heard a loud bang, found that your opener won’t work, notice your garage door is crooked, the cables are off the pulley or the door is heavy to lift open manually, you may have a broken garage door spring in need of repair.

Trust the Job to Seasoned Garage Door Expert

garage door spring repair twin cities

Take it from us, working with garage door springs is no simple task, which is why it’s crucial to call in an experienced professional to repair and replace your garage door spring. The tension of a garage door spring can be dangerous to work with, but it’s nothing we can’t handle at Garage Door Repair Company.

What You Get When You Call Us?

  • Customer-First, Professional Service
  • High-Quality Materials with a Warranty
  • Competitive Prices

Customer-First, Professional Service

Our first priority is our customer, every time. And that’s a difference you’ll see in our work. When we pull up to your house, we arrive in a truck that’s clearly marked with our name and logo. We also wear jackets and shirts with our logo, too, that way you know it’s us. We’ll shake hands, introduce ourselves, and get to work. Once we assess your situation, we’ll get the job done promptly, clean up after ourselves, and leave you good as new!

High-Quality Materials with a Warranty

Part of our approach to service means providing our customers with top-quality products that are made to stand the test of time and daily use. So you can be assured our products and parts don’t come from big box stores, but brands we trust. Not only that, but we warranty anything we install at a minimum of five years, with additional warranties available. When we install a brand new spring, you can trust it for years to come and call us again if there’s any trouble!

Competitive Prices

We know that our service holds an excellent value because of our customer-centric approach and the use of quality materials. It’s not often you’ll find a better offer, but if you do find another company with a lower price for the same product, we’ll match their price so you can have the peace of mind that comes with enjoying our service.

If you suspect your garage door spring is out of order, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We are able to provide same-day service as well as emergency service. So if your car is trapped in the garage and you need to get out, you can call us anytime at 612-886-9606.