Garage Door Repair

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Garage Door Repair Twin Cities

A garage door may seem simple to the untrained eye, but for it to open and close with ease requires the function of many parts. Although it might not look it, your door is a complex system of moving and stationary components. It can be easy to take this system for granted, but when something’s out of whack you’ll be eager to get it repaired!

That’s when it’s time to call us at Garage Door Repair Company. Whether you know what’s in need of repair or not, we can come check out the situation and get you taken care of! Our team of technicians are experts when it comes to garage door repair and installation. All those components that work together to open and close your door – those are our specialty. However, our customers are our priority. We do whatever we can to give you the best possible experience when it comes to your garage door repair.

Common Necessary Garage Door Repairs

Spring Repair

In order to help propel the weight of your garage door open and closed, the system relies on the tension of a spring. It uses what’s called torsion to help in the process. Because there is such a great amount of pressure and force on this piece of equipment, over time it is common for it to break. Without it, your garage door opener will not be able to lift the weight of your door, and you may not either! This is a repair that must be trusted to an expert, because the balance of your garage door is very important and these springs can be dangerous.

Cable Replacement

Another important component in the function of your garage door is the cable system. The cables help pull the door up and open in response to the tension provided by the garage door spring. When these cables break, your door might move slowly with resistance or even get stuck and hang crooked. Although it might have your garage door out of commission, cable replacement is not a job too big for us! And while you might be thinking, wouldn’t repair be cheaper? Because the cables have such a vital role and they’re many wires woven together, it’s often easier and safer just to replace them altogether when they go bad.

Garage Door Opener Repair

It can be easy to take your garage door opener for granted, but the minute it breaks you will quickly come to appreciate it. Often times the best bet is just to replace the opener, because if something goes wrong, it’s more costly to repair it. But if repairing is possible and logical, we can do that, too! Your opener plays an important role, so repair and installation are best left to the professionals.

Damaged Panel Replacement

Things happen. We often get calls from people whose teenager backed into the garage door, or maybe they did themselves. You may think you just have to live with it like that, but that’s not true! Many times we are able to make a repair by replacing the dented panel of the door and get it looking good as new! If the door is really bad, we can help you look at getting a new door, as well. We’ll only recommend what’s best for you, taking into account the long run as well as financial considerations.

Weatherstrip and Seal

Keeping the elements out of your garage as best you can is important. It helps prevent excess moisture in the space which can rust parts of the garage door, and it also helps keep out unwanted pests. So when your weatherstripping breaks apart or separates from your door, it’s a good idea to get it fixed. There are seals around the edges of the door, as well as at the bottom and the top. We can repair or replace any damaged or malfunctioning weatherstripping and sealing around your door to keep your space protected!

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No matter what may be wrong with your garage door, we can come out for a free estimate and, if you choose, make the repair on the spot! We offer same-day service, a minimum of five year warranty on anything we install, and service with a smile. So don’t wait, call Garage Door Repair Company today to get your door back in tip-top shape! 612-886-9606.