Property Manager

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Garage Door Repair for Property Managers

Not only is safety important in the spaces you manage, but functionality. As a property manager you’re likely constantly juggling different repairs and projects around your buildings. When it comes to garage door repairs and installations, trust the work to our professional, friendly team at Garage Door Repair Company. We only provide high quality materials made to last so you will face fewer repairs in the life of your garage doors and can trust them to do their job!

Whether you manage many properties or just a few, there are probably several spaces with garage doors and maybe even different kinds of doors that you need maintained.

Some Garage Door Types We Service and Repair

  • Storage Facilities
  • Automotive Garages
  • Loading Docks
  • ...and many more!

Storage Facilities

You may be the property manager of a public storage facility, in which case you know that functional lasting garage doors are crucial to your business. Not only the rolling doors of various sizes on each unit, but doors that allow your customers to drive into the facility or onto the property need maintenance. You might also need repair. The last thing you want is a customer coming to move out or into a unit, and finding the door is in need of repair before anything else can be done! We are often able to provide same-day service and if possible would make a repair or suggest a replacement, to get you back in business.

Automotive Garages

The garage doors on this type of building see a lot of action, opening and closing all day long and they’re important for keeping out the elements. Doors that see repetitive use can have normal wear and tear, and certainly require maintenance! Trust the doors in your automotive space to the guys at Garage Door Repair Company. Whether you need repair, maintenance, or replacements, we can handle all your automotive garage door needs. Materials range from aluminum to steel, and can come insulated or not depending on your preference.

Loading Docks

Depending on your tenants, one of the most important functions of some rental spaces is the loading dock. Tenants need to be able to load and unload into their space with ease, and a functioning, safe garage door is a huge part of that equation. Ensuring that the opener is working and all the components are regularly maintained is crucial, and Garage Door Repair Company can help! If there is damage to a door, we can either perform a repair or hook you up with a replacement door.

What To Expect When You Work With Us?

  • Quality, Warrantied Materials
  • Friendly, Professional Service
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Quality, Warrantied Materials

Garage door quality as well as the quality of related parts makes all the difference in its longevity and functionality. We only use brands that make high quality materials we’ve trusted to do the job time after time. We put you, our customer, first, so we don’t give you less than what we would use ourselves. And for that same reason, our newly installed garage doors are warrantied for at least five years, or longer if you choose. So if a repair becomes necessary, you can call us to get it back in working order.

Friendly, Professional Service

We strive to always provide service with a smile, hard work, and courtesy. We hear from customers regularly that they like working with Garage Door Repair Company because we’re easy to work with. We think it has something to do with our focus on putting the customer’s needs first, as well as our dedication to the values of integrity and respect. So when we arrive, our trucks are fully marked and stocked, and the tech is always dressed professionally in a polo with our logo. We’ll shake hands, introduce ourselves, and get the job done right – including cleanup. When you have us out, we’re there to what we do well, so your space is back in working order.

Competitive Pricing

We know cost is a huge factor when it comes to who gets your business, so our pricing reflects that. While you might expect to shop around, you’ll find we provide the best value. Other companies may offer a lower dollar amount, but it’s a reflection of the service and product they provide, too. We price competitively at Garage Door Repair Company and the materials we use are high quality from trusted brands, because we want nothing less than the best for our customers. And in the end, the products that last save you from repeated repair costs. If you are able to find a deal from a competitor who’s asking less but for the same product, we’ll let you enjoy our service and match their price.

Ultimately you know that we understand the need for business to run smoothly, so when we provide garage door service to you, you can trust we’re putting you first. That’s the way we do things at Garage Door Repair Company! Contact us any time to have your property’s garage door repaired, serviced, or replaced at 612-886-9606.