Garage Door Repair

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Twin Cities Commercial Garage Door Repair

When the garage door at your place of business isn’t working, it can completely bring everything to a grinding halt – sometimes literally. You don’t have time for that kind of problem to hold you back, but our team at Garage Door Repair Company can help! We’re able to provide same-day service for repairs to get your door back up and running so you can focus on your business.

Commercial garage doors see a higher frequency of use than your average residential door that only opens and closes two or so times a day. You count on your garage door to be reliable, but with frequent use and without proper maintenance, things do break. While we do more than repairs, we can diagnose the problem with a door and get it back in working condition, maybe even better!

Common Commercial Garage Door Repairs

These type of doors are often specialty, specific to the kind of work you do in your space. Not only that but often they’re made of more heavy duty material that you won’t want to trust to anyone other than an expert. A few areas that might cause problems and need repair include:

  • Spring
  • Cables
  • Weather Stripping and Seal
  • Dents and Damage
  • Garage Door Spring

Your commercial garage door’s spring plays a crucial role in the opening and closing of the door. These springs help bear the weight required for the door’s function, so it’s not uncommon for them to break after regular use. When springs break, it can cause a door to be stuck closed which is certainly not helpful for business! Because springs are a counter force and rely on tension, they can be not only tricky but dangerous to work with. However, it’s nothing we don’t do on a daily basis! Don’t mess with spring replacement on your own when you can call the experts at Garage Door Repair Company and receive same-day service.

Garage Door Cables

If you find yourself stuck manually opening your garage door, the cables that help guide it up may be malfunctioning or broken. When a garage door cable breaks, there is no repairing, but quite simply the cable needs to be replaced. Trust this tricky task to our team at Garage Door Repair Company to get your door back in working order. We have the knowledge, experience, and tools to repair it so your door can function properly. We’ve seen it all, so even if you’re not certain what’s wrong with the cables, we can get to the bottom of it.

Weatherstripping and Seal

In your business environment, weatherstripping and sealing around your garage door can do the vital job of keeping the elements out. If over time or due to an incident the weather stripping becomes ineffective, that’s another repair you can entrust to Garage Door Repair Company! Because so many of the parts on a garage door are vulnerable to rust, keeping excess moisture out is important. We can repair not only the seal at the bottom of a door but also the weatherstripping seal for an air-tight close. Whatever the need for sealing your commercial garage door, we can handle it!

Dents and Damage

We all know accidents happen. And if you’re in a commercial space, your doors are likely to see a ding or a dent somehow someday. Some damage is only cosmetic, and you might not care to repair it. However some incidents can result in a broken door that needs replacement. Garage Door Repair Company can assess the damage to your door and determine what can be done. Sometimes it’s as simple as replacing a panel, other times more extensive work may be necessary.

What To Expect From Our Repair Work?

  • Quality, Warrantied Materials
  • Friendly, Professional Service
  • Competitive Pricing

Quality, Warrantied Materials

We’re happy to repair what you have, but sometimes replacement doors or parts might be necessary. We only use materials from brands that produce high-quality garage doors and parts. This is so that anything we replace on your garage door is a part that’s made to last. Whether an opener, the tracks, a spring, a panel, or something else that needs replacing, we also warranty our installations. So when we make a repair, we’re confident in the work we’ve done so you can be, too!

Friendly, Professional Service

The service we provide has a value that sets us apart from other garage door companies because we give our customers our best and the best out there. We believe in prioritizing the customer, so we are always friendly, respectful, and courteous. When our tech arrives at your business, they are in a clearly marked truck that is fully stocked, and they wear a polo or jacket with our logo. The tech will introduce themselves, shake your hand, and get down to business putting their expertise to work. Once your door is back in working order, we always clean up before we’re on our way.

Competitive Pricing

Of course the cost to make a repair is an important factor in choosing a garage door company, that’s why we price our work competitively. While you may think other companies are offering a better deal, they’re probably also offering you lower quality materials possibly without the same warranty. Which is how we know there’s a better value when you call us for your repair. Plus, if you find someone offering the same product, we’ll match their price so that you can enjoy our service.

So if your commercial garage door is on the fritz, give Garage Door Repair Company a call anytime! We’ll be out and get your door back in action in no time. Reach us at 612-886-9606.