Do you have a garage for your home or apartment? Do you notice your garage gets extremely cold during the winter? If so, you might consider winterizing your garage to add some benefits to your home. While you may think that insulating your garage isn’t very helpful, there are many disadvantages to consider that come from a poorly-insulated garage, some of which include:


●        More difficulty warming your home

●        Higher gas or electric bills in the winter

●        Faster wear and tear on what’s inside your garage

●        Takes longer to run vehicles parked in cold garages

●        Raises the chance of snow, rain, and mud entering your garage

●        Can lead to frozen pipes

●        Can lead to mold growth

●        Might create insect problems


As you can see, not insulating your garage can lead to some costly and annoying issues. In order to keep a healthy home and a healthy family, you should consider the following tips regarding the insulation of this important area of your home:

Check the Garage Door Tracks

A huge tip for insulating your garage is to first examine the tracks on your garage door. Dirt, dust, yard waste, and other debris can easily get trapped on the tracks of your garage door, leading to a blockage. This can lead to your garage door not working properly and as well as issues with insulation. If you happen to live in the Twin Cities, and you’re looking for a residential garage door services, then Garage Door Repair Company is the company to call. From commercial garage door repairs to fast and effective inspections for your garage door at home, you’ll be in great hands with our experienced team.

Examine Weatherstripping

Another key tip to know involves examining your weatherstripping in your garage. When your garage door is closed, place your hand at the bottom of your door to see if you feel any air entering your garage. If you have any doors inside your garage that lead to the outside, be sure to perform this check in these areas, as well. If you feel any air coming inside, then you should try to improve your weatherstripping efforts. If the weatherstripping isn’t sufficient, remove it, scrape off the adhesive, then add heavy-duty weatherstripping for a proper seal.

Look at All Components of Your Garage Door

Another way to boost the insulation of your garage is to examine all of the components of your garage door. From the tracks and springs to the door itself, look around for any loose parts, bent components, or anything else that appears to be abnormal. Ineffective parts can mean lower insulation, poorer energy efficiency, and a decrease in the longevity of your garage door. If you notice multiple broken parts, then you might want to consider calling a residential garage door company for a brand new installation. From commercial garage door installations to residential garage door services, Garage Door Repair Company is here for your needs. We’d be happy to inspect your garage door to see if a replacement is the best course of action.

Check the Exterior

A good sign that your garage door could use an insulation upgrade is if you see light from underneath your garage door or at other areas around the exterior of your garage. To check this, you’ll first want to turn on the lights in your garage, then walk outside. Pay close attention to see if any light peers through from underneath your garage door, walls, corners, or underneath other doors leading into your garage. If you notice any light, fill these areas with the proper insulation materials to ensure a proper seal so less cold air will enter your garage.

Add Foam to Your Garage Door Panels

Looking for an easy, DIY way to insulate your garage door? If so, adding foam is a super simple tactic to consider. First, you’ll want to take some measurements of the panels of your garage door, then head on over to a local supply store to purchase some foam pieces. After that, simply cut these pieces to fit perfectly in the panels of your garage door. If done properly, this can lead to a much warmer garage, lower energy bills, and more comfort for you and your family.

Your Trusted Commercial and Residential Garage Door Company

While there are many ways to insulate your garage, you may be in the market for a brand new, energy-efficient garage door. From commercial garage door repairs to new installations for your home or business, we’re the garage door company you can depend on. Here at Garage Door Repair Company, we take your needs extremely seriously, and we don’t stop working until you’re completely satisfied with our work. Take a look at even more reasons to choose us:


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