Most people think garage doors are "install and forget" elements of their homes or businesses, but this idea just leads to the premature failure of these essential entryways. In reality, they need yearly inspections and maintenance performed in order to keep them working well and extend their lifespans. Here are some of the things you should make sure are done:

Visual Inspection

This is the simplest part, but many people never take this close of a look at their garage doors until something is already wrong. For a proper visual inspection, you should take a close look at the tracks, rollers, garage door opener, latches, and other important parts. Some of the problems our residential garage door company will look for include:

●        Rust. We’ll inspect all elements of the door for corrosion.

●        Damaged weather seals.

●        Cracks, dings, and other obvious damage.

Check and Lubricate Moving Parts

Lubrication is always important for mechanisms that include moving parts. The tracks, springs, rollers, hinges, opener rail, and bearings will all need to be lubricated. This not only keeps everything working smoothly, but helps to prevent corrosion.

Make Needed Adjustments

The tension of the torsion spring, alignment of the safety sensor, track alignment, the tightness of the nuts and bolts, spring balance, and other such things all need occasional adjustment. In a maintenance call, we at Garage Door Repair Company make sure to check all of these components and adjust them as need be.

Check Other Components

It is important that your garage door opener have the correct limits and produce the proper amount of force. This ensures safety as well as good long-term operation. We will make sure to check these things and perform any needed adjustments.

Replace Overly Worn Parts

Certain parts of your garage door, such as the weather seals, will naturally wear out over time. Seals get dried out and become brittle, fiberglass or plastic rollers get worn down, and bearings wear out. When problems like these are present, the affected parts must be replaced. New weather seals make your door more efficient and help to keep rodents and insects out. Smooth operation of a once-reluctant door is restored by replacing the worn moving parts.


This sort of replacement should be considered part of regular maintenance. Much like your car's brakes, simply using them will cause wear, so there is no way to avoid occasionally having to do this sort of service.

Fix Emerging Major Problems

Sometimes, we will see that something big is starting to go wrong with your garage door opener or the door itself. In this case, going ahead with full repairs will save you from having the door catastrophically fail later on. Such failures can cause your door to stick open or closed, or more dangerously, drop down suddenly—possibly on your head, your child, or your pet. These doors are so heavy that they can cause serious injury or even death, so it is especially important to take care of anything that could cause a sudden drop.


Often, major problems involve the garage door opener or the torsion spring. In these cases, replacement is typically the best option. A new opener or spring will work perfectly for years as long as proper maintenance is kept up.

Fix or Replace Damaged Elements

As the year goes by, your garage door may be subjected to a variety of types of damage. These include dings to the track, bumps from cars that pulled up too close before activating the opener, storm-related damage like bumps from falling tree limbs, and more. Such damage often won't totally stop the door from working, but can cause it to become misaligned or dent the track enough to restrict motion. This makes using the door annoying and can lead to future failure.


Our service is able to straighten out slightly dented tracks, realign parts that were jarred slightly out of position, and more. Because of this, you'll usually be surprised at how much easier it is to use your garage door after maintenance is complete.

How Often Should Your Door be Maintained?

Like many types of equipment, the need for maintenance goes up as your garage door ages. That said, you should take a very close look at your door at least every year. This is because even new doors can get grit in their tracks or be damaged by accidents like bumps from cars or falling tree limbs. All doors also need proper lubrication.


As the door gets older, it is more likely to need maintenance that is more extensive. Then, the procedure goes from fixing incidental damage to standards like replacing worn-out parts. By this point, you should definitely be getting it serviced on a yearly basis.


To schedule an appointment for residential or commercial garage door services, just contact us  at Garage Door Repair Company by calling us or filling out the form on our site. We'll be glad to make sure that your largest door is brought back to its peak performance.