Having your garage door stuck open is an emergency. Not only does it allow full garage access to anyone who decides to walk in, it can allow access to your entire house. If the stuck door is on your commercial building, it is an even more obvious invitation for thieves. It also allows the weather in, which is bad whenever it's not the perfect temperature outdoors. Here are a few of the things our garage door repair technicians may find when you call to get this situation taken care of:

The Automatic Door Opener is Broken

If you have an automatic door opener, it can fail while the door is open or at some stage between open and closed. This can be caused by a number of things, such as broken chains, seized motors, or failed electrical circuits. In many cases, the door opener can be fixed instead of replaced, so we'll be sure to diagnose the problem before making our recommendation.

Something is Wrong with the Track

In order to move, the garage door must be able to roll or slide on its tracks. Track damage that occurs while the door is open can be caused by a car bumping it on the way in or out. This type of event causes a pinch point in the track, and the door won't be able to close beyond that location.

Sometimes, grit or grime simply accumulates in the track over time, and the door just happens to be open when it reaches the critical point. Cleaning the grit out can restore operation, but you should still have your door rollers inspected to be sure that they haven't been damaged. If they have, they are likely to stick again soon if they are not replaced.

In a few cases, the problem is far more basic. A large object has been placed in the way. Before calling for service, be sure that boxes, lawn equipment, and other things are clear of the door. It's easy to forget about something like this if you have been engaged in a DIY project or major garage clean-out.

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