When you think of key features for your home's security, you probably picture the front or back door. The garage is often an afterthought, but this is a mistake. If your garage has a door connected to the house, a prowler can get access. Even if your home has a detached garage, it often contains valuable tools, your car, and more. This is why your garage door needs to be a key point in your home's security.

Here are three easy strategies to improve your garage door security:

1. Be Careful With Your Codes and Fobs

Do you lend out your entry key fob or write down the access code for visiting family or friends? Although they're well-meaning people, that slip of paper might get lost and fall into the wrong hands. It's often safer to have a system or app that lets you open the door remotely for your guests.

What if you lost track of your key fob and found it again? Consider having your lock or code changed ASAP. You never know who might have gotten hold of it.

2. Check Your Door Regularly

Pick a regular time, perhaps weekly or monthly, to inspect and test your door. Key signs that the garage door may not be as secure as it should be include:

●        The door mechanism 'sticks' or seems 'loose.'

●        The garage door doesn't completely close; there are gaps at the edge or bottom.

●        You find yourself pushing the button repeatedly before it opens.

●        There is visible damage to the door like dents from someone backing in.

●        You see rust on the mechanism.

If you notice these issues, look up local residential garage door services. A garage door company can troubleshoot, repair, and replace parts as needed.

3. Choose the Right Features

The right door will work smoothly while still repelling potential thieves. Some features to look out for include:

●        No windows, meaning there's no way for thieves to see what's inside.

●        If you have windows, get them frosted.

●        Hook up flood lights to motion sensors above the garage entryway.

●        Install a garage door alarm.

●        Choose rugged materials such as metal for the door.

Interested in upgrading your garage's security features? A residential garage door company can discuss your options with you.

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