From commercial grade doors to residential models, these doors serve some great purposes. Without these doors functioning properly, it would be difficult to have a normal-functioning home or business. From convenience to safety, these doors are very important. But while you might utilize a garage door for many years with no issues, there may come a time when businesses should consider new commercial garage door installations or you should consider purchasing a new one for your home. However, knowing when to replace can be tough to determine. In this post, we’ll discuss the reasons why you should consider replacing your garage door.

●      It’s Making Loud Noises

While it's normal for a garage door to make loud noises, too much noise over a long period of time might mean your garage door should be replaced. Over time, your door’s bearings and other parts become worn out, which could be very risky if you don’t get a replacement. However, if you haven’t had maintenance for your door, start with that service first. At your maintenance appointment, ask the residential garage door company on when you consider replacing your door.

●      It’s Needing Constant Repairs

Another reason you might be due for a garage door replacement is if you’re constantly calling your garage door company for repairs. While it’s common to need residential or commercial garage door repairs from time to time, frequent repairs could mean your door should be replaced very soon. Not only are these repair visits time consuming, but the cost of these visits can really add up. If it seems like you’re calling a residential garage door company every month for a repair, you might want to consider a replacement.

●      It’s Old and Aging

Another sign it may be time for a replacement is if your door is old. While it’s very possible for old garage doors to still function like they’re new, these doors will usually start to show their age eventually. Even if you have an old door that still works, we recommend looking into new commercial garage door installations or residential replacements. From residential garage door services to commercial options, Garage Door Repair Company is here to help!

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