Aluminum garage doors are among the most popular and best-selling garage doors for both home and business owners in Minneapolis. There are several reasons why owners choose them over steel or wood doors. However, there are some drawbacks to aluminum material.


Let’s take a closer look at aluminum doors and what they have to offer.

Why Choose Aluminum Garage Doors?


A single car aluminum garage door weighs approximately 75 pounds. A two-car garage door only weighs approximately 150 pounds, which is extremely lightweight compared to wood or heavy steel doors. Lightweight doors are easier to open and close and safer since they don’t weigh so much. They also put less weight-bearing strain on the entire garage door system. Since the other parts are not working so hard, they will last longer.


Aluminum does not rust. This feature is especially beneficial during the fall and winter months when precipitation and humidity are at their highest in Minnesota. Aluminum contains a layer that shields the door from oxidation and corrosion. The layer increases the longevity of the door and makes it less vulnerable to salt and moisture.


If you are eco green-conscious, then you will appreciate that aluminum is recyclable, and overall, a more sustainable solution than other materials. Aluminum garage doors can be recycled and rebuilt into a brand new garage door.

Drawbacks to Aluminum Doors

Low Impact Resistance

Because of its lightweight features, an aluminum door is likely to dent and scratch much more easily than steel or wood. Small dents can be pushed out or painted over. Large dents, however, can cause problems with functionality. If you a major dent in a side panel, it could affect the framework and the rollers, thus, hindering the door from opening or closing.

Low Heat Resistance

Aluminum garage doors can get hot—up to 400 degrees during the hottest days in summer. This low resistance to heat only adds to its vulnerability, as it can warm and dent much easier at that high of a temperature.

Garage Door Installation in Minneapolis, MN

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