One of the most common problems with residential or commercial garage doors is dented or broken panels. The panels are sections of the door that bend at the hinges when the garage door opens or closes. Due to the panel material and construction, panels can sustain damage for a variety of reasons.


If your garage door has a damaged panel, then Garage Door Repair Company can fix or replace the panel to restore your door. Below, we discussed common garage door repairs and what options you have for repairing or replacing the panels.


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Common Causes of Garage Door Panel Damage

The panels can show signs of damage over time. Unlike other components on a garage door, the panels are on the exterior of the door, which places them in a certain amount of exposure. Therefore, they are vulnerable to the following types of damage:

General Wear and Tear

More than half of the damages that occurs within garage door panels are related to wear and tear. The damage gets progressively worse if you don’t schedule maintenance on the door annually.

The Outside Elements

Rain, snow, ice, high winds, extreme temperatures, and sunlight can impact a doors construction and performance over time. Although the average garage door should last up to 15 years, the only way to ensure its life cycle is to repair or replace the panels over time due to their exposure to the outside.


Although garage doors are sturdy, they are not indestructible. Accidents occur that can cause dents in the panel. In most cases, the dents are almost impossible to pull out. Damaged panels are easy to spot and ruin your garage door design.

Repair or Replace the Garage Door Panels

We can replace the damaged garage door panel section without having to replace the entire door.


Here is a short list of some quick identifiers to tell you if you need a new garage door panel:


●        Your garage door is over 15 years old.

●        The garage door panels are bent or sagging.

●        The paint on the panel is peeling or cracking.

●        The panel contains significant dents and dings.


Garage door panel replacement can be unsafe for the average homeowner because the panels are heavy and under tension from the spring. We recommend hiring a Garage Door Repair Company professional to install your new panel.

Garage Door Panel Replacement

If you have garage door panels that you need to replace, then contact Garage Door Repair Company. We offer garage door installation, repair, and full replacement for residential and commercial properties in the St. Paul, Minnesota area.


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