Safety plays a significant role in your garage door’s performance. When a component wrong on your garage door, it’s more than just a convenience; it’s also a size of danger. Therefore, it’s a good idea to contact a Garage Door Repair Company technician to inspect your door for malfunctions or worn out parts.


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Garage Door Safety Inspection Checklist

Although a garage door’s operation seems rather simple, it takes several moving parts to make the door open or close. Each part needs to be inspected and maintain according to industry standards.


For this reason, you should contact a certified garage door technician to perform the inspection and subsequent repairs. Below is a checklist of the parts we evaluate to identify weakness or damages parts.

Manual Release Handle

No matter what type of garage door, it is designed so that you can open it manually from the inside. The ability to manually open the door is a safety measure that allows you to escape the house in case of a fire or other emergency. We check the manual release handle. It should be distinguishable from the rest of the system (usually red). You should be able to access the handle with zero effort.

Warning Labels

The following labels should be present


●        Spring warning label attached to the back of the door panel

●        A general warning label attached to the back of the door panel

●        A warning label attached to the wall in proximity to the control panel

●        Two warning labels attached to the door in proximity to the corner brackets

●        Door Panels

Are your garage door panels showing any signs of wear and tear that may affect its performance? The panels should show no signs of cracking or separated materials inside and out when the door is closed.


If so, the door may present a hazard. A trained garage door technician from Garage Door Repair Company can inspect and replace the door panels. We can do this without replacing the entire system.

Garage Door Operation

Several factors can affect how well the garage door system operates as a whole. For instance:


●        There should be handles or grips on both sides of the door.

●        The handles should be clear of all pinch points.

●        The door should move freely up and down (or left to right) with little effort.

●        The rollers should stay on track during the entire operation.

●        The door needs to stay in a stationary position when fully or partially open.

The Panel

The panel can consist of a single button or multi-functional or programmable features. The panel should be mounted in clear sight so that the operator does not have to look for it. There needs to be a reasonable distance between the panel (preferably by the house door) and the garage door. And last, the panel needs to be mounted high enough to keep children from reaching it. 

Professional Garage Door Inspections

Is it time for a professional garage door technician to inspect your garage door system? If so, then contact Garage Door Repair Company. We perform garage door inspections, repairs, and full system replacement for homes and business in the Twin Cities metro area.


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