A safety beam is a safety device that senses an obstruction and signals the door operator to reverse the door or bring the door to a halt. The safety beam and the infrared transmitter that accompanies is built to operate in work environments that would typically be too rough for regular garage door equipment.


Occasionally some issues arise with safety beams. In many cases, a professional garage door repair company will need to inspect the problems and make the necessary repairs. Garage Door Repair Company can repair or replace safety beams and all related equipment. If you need your garage door fixed, contact us today.


Here are some common issues with commercial garage door safety beams.

The Photo-Eye Sensor

One of the reasons why your commercial garage door is not working is because there is an issue with the photo-eyes sensors. You’ll know that the sensor is not working if the garage door opens all the way, but will not close. There are a handful of explanations for this:

The Sensors are Blocked

There are two sensors in a safety beam. The first is attached to the garage door, the other is connected to the opener. If either sensor is blocked, the door will not function. Dirt or debris can get in front of the sensor and keep it from reading the other sensor.

The Sensors are Not Lining Up

It doesn’t take much for sensors to get out of alignment. Once they do, the door will no longer close even if it opens successful. Thankfully, this is an easy fix. It requires a simple adjustment of the sensors to get them to line up. Once we line them up. We can tighten the sensor brace to make sure it stays lined up.

The Sensors Were Not Mounted Correctly

If we line up the sensors, but they are still not working correctly, it could be that the previous company mounted them incorrectly. For instance, they’re not level. One may be higher than the other. If so, a Garage Door Repair Company technician can re-align the sensors vertically or horizontally to make sure they line up.

The Wiring is Loose or Has a Short

Safety beam wiring is installed in a way that it is protected and it won’t come loose. Occasionally, however, something will cause the wires to become loose or damaged. If so, you’ll need to call a certified professional to reconnect the wiring. If there is a short in the wires, we will need to replace them. Your sensors should work again.

The Eye Is Malfunctioning

Although it is rare for the sensor eye to malfunction, it can happen from time to time. A sensor malfunction is usually caused by a manufacturer defect. The only other explanation is that something hit the sensor and cause damage. In either case, the sensor cannot be repaired. We’ll need to replace it with a brand new sensor.

Professional Commercial Garage Door Repair

If your commercial door is not closing or opening, it may be the sensors. Garage Door Repair Company can inspect your garage door to determine the problem. We offer garage door repair, brand new installation, and replacement.


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