Commercial sectional garage doors offer thermal efficiency inside your building while providing greater visibility, adding natural light, and creating a more aesthetic design. Sectional garage doors also provide noise insulation from city traffic and weather conditions.


If you install commercial garage doors, you will want to measure the area to ensure that your workers have plenty of head and backroom when walking through the entryway.


Garage Door Repair Co. can install or replace your custom sectional garage door to your building’s specifications. If you have a business in St. Paul, call us today for a free estimate.


Four Types of Sectional Garage Doors and Their Applications


When choosing the best garage door for your business, you will have four main options:


1. Steel Thermal Garage Doors


If you’re looking for a door that reduces thermal transference into your building, then steel thermal garage doors may be your best options. They are available in various thicknesses and contain different types of insulation.


Steel thermal garage doors offer unparalleled durability. They’re also a great choice if you need to tight security in your building. One of the most common applications for steel thermal doors is loading docks and agricultural entryways.


2. Steel Ribbed Garage Doors


Steel ribbed garage doors are versatile enough to be used in various commercial and industrial applications.


You can purchase doors with or without insulation and with or without a back cover. If temperature control is a factor, we recommend steel ribbed garage doors with insulation. Steel ribbed garage doors are great for factories, warehouses, retail facilities, and corporate buildings.


3. Aluminum Rail & Stile Garage Doors


The most common applications for aluminum rail & stile garage doors are auto service center or fire stations. Aluminum doors contain large windows arranged in a square or horizontal pattern. They provide plenty of natural light into any room regardless of the size.


Aluminum doors come in a broad spectrum of colors and finishes. You can also customize your garage doors according to your window size and arrangement preferences. Aluminum doors last for a long time, and they require little maintenance. They also provide top security for your facility.


4. Steel Raised Panel Garage Doors


The best feature about steel raised panel garage doors is that they look like standard residential doors. So if style and design is a top priority, then you may want to check out steel raised panel doors.


We can install commercial steel doors in both businesses and homes depending on your specific needs. The construction of the door is reinforced with commercial-grade springs and hardware that give it impressive performance and durability.


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