At Garage Door Repair Company, we specialize in residential garage door services, commercial garage door installations, and commercial garage door repairs. But we also believe in keeping our customers informed about their garage doors, their upkeep, and even some basic maintenance. Although we do feature garage door maintenance, which will keep your garage door opening smoothly whether it is a manual or an electrically opening door, there are some basic maintenance tasks that can be done between service calls. Of course, if you have any questions, please call the Garage Door Repair Company, but overall, with basic tools and lube, you will be able to take care of these things.



Because your garage door can open and close up to 1000 times per year, or more, it is a good idea to do a monthly inspection. Things to look for are rollers that have come out of the tracks, burned out light bulbs in electrically operated doors, damaged weather seals, rusty or broken hinges, broken springs and any other thing that may impede the easy operation of your garage door.


Nuts and Bolts

Every nut and bolt, on hinges, rails, spring anchors, and mounts, should be tight or they will eventually begin to compromise the opening and closing action of your door.  They are all easily tightened, but you'll need a proper wrench to do the job right.


Virtually any wrench with the correct head size will work, but a box end wrench works the best, although a high-quality adjustable wrench works well too. Simply attach the wrench to the loose nut and turn it in a clockwise direction. Make sure the bolt is snug, and then move on to the next one. If nuts and bolts continue to loosen up after monthly inspections, Give Garage Door Repair Company a call, and we'll take care of the problem.



In many cases, when a garage door begins to open and close slower or harder than usual, it is a lubrication issue. Squeaks, grinding, and rusty drive chains are also generally lubrication problems too. A good penetrating oil works best to silence squeaking hinges and springs, while a spray-on white Lithium grease is best for chains.


These basic maintenance tasks can be done by virtually anyone with a little DIY experience, but for a more thorough maintenance check, or if you need garage door repairs, please contact the Garage Door Repair Company. We will solve all of your garage door maintenance problems, and we also offer 24/7 garage door service.


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