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Garage Door

Five Garage Door Maintenance Tips

Given the importance of a well-functioning garage door, taking care of garage door maintenance is vital. The maintenance tips explained in this post can ensure these doors last for many years to come. 

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Which Garage Door Material is Right For You?

Garage doors have come a long way; an exciting combination of advanced materials and affordable manufacturing techniques give customers more options than ever before. Browse a garage door catalog, and you'll see a wide variety of options. These include gorgeous woods, rugged metals, and affordable manmade materials.

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A Homeowner’s Guide to Garage Door Security

When you think of key features for your home's security, you probably picture the front or back door. The garage is often an afterthought, but this is a mistake. If your garage has a door connected to the house, a prowler can get access. Even if your home has a detached garage, it often contains valuable tools, your car, and more. This is why your garage door needs to be a key point in your home's security.

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Common Garage Door Problems

Garage doors serve many important purposes, whether it’s at home or a commercial space. However, just like all other mechanical machines out there, these doors do have issues from time to time. Given just how important these garage doors are, it’s vital that any issues are fixed right away.

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What to Look for in a Garage Door Repair Company

If you come home only to realize your garage door is broken, what do you do next? You run inside scrambling to find a local garage door repair company, but how are you supposed to choose one? While many of these companies offer the same exact services, you must find a company that stands out from the pack. In this post, we’ll discuss why Garage Door Repair Company is the best in the business.

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Garage Door Materials: Which Should You Choose?

There is a garage door out there to suit every taste and style. Whether you are looking for a custom design, well-insulated panels, or lots of tech features, you can get the kind of garage door you’ve always wanted.

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What You Should Know Before Purchasing Garage Doors with Windows

When installing or upgrading a garage door, one of the most important decisions you’ll make is whether to purchase a garage door with windows. Garage door windows provide lots of features and advantages over solid windows. Garage Door Repair Company can install garage doors with built-in windows or retrofit if you decide you want them at a later date.

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How to Keep Your Garage Door From Being Broken Into

A burglary occurs about once every 18 seconds in the U.S. Many of these invasions occur during the day and either in or through the garage. In fact, the garage is often perceived as the most vulnerable entry point in any home. All someone has to do is simply raise the garage door and walk into the house.

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Your Garage Door Material Comparison Guide

The material you choose for your garage door can have an impact on how much you spend on maintenance costs. Garage Door Repair Company can help.

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Garage Door Windows: Pros vs. Cons

If you are looking for quality garage doors in St. Paul, contact Garage Door Repair Company. We offer new home garage door installation and garage door repair.

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