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Commercial Garage Door

Which Garage Door Material is Right For You?

Garage doors have come a long way; an exciting combination of advanced materials and affordable manufacturing techniques give customers more options than ever before. Browse a garage door catalog, and you'll see a wide variety of options. These include gorgeous woods, rugged metals, and affordable manmade materials.

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Safety Beam Issues in Commercial Garage Doors

A safety beam is a safety device that senses an obstruction and signals the door operator to reverse the door or bring the door to a halt. The safety beam and the infrared transmitter that accompanies is built to operate in work environments that would typically be too rough for regular garage door equipment.

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6 Ways to Safety-Check Your Garage Door

Testing the safety of your garage door is an important responsibility that comes with the luxury of having one. To keep it from potentially falling on someone or something, your local garage door company can make sure your door is safe. Have a garage door professional look at it annually or semi-annually for a thorough inspection. At Garage Door Repair Company, we conduct professional garage door inspections to ensure your door is functioning properly. If you are in Twin Cities Metro area and need a garage door tune-up, contact us.

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Commercial Garage Door Section Rebuild in New Hope, MN

Reliability is very important when it comes to your Garage Door in your own home but it is even more important if you run a business where you rely on a commercial garage door operating properly dozens of times per day.

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Same Day Commercial Garage Door Repair in St. Paul, MN

When you run a business that has a lot of shipping and receiving Garage Doors or an auto repair shop where you may be running your door up and down many times throughout the day you need to make sure that the Garage Door is always running smoothly. 

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Commercial Garage Door Repair Edina, MN

We often get asked if we only Service Residential Garage Doors. It is a surprise to some that a majority of our business comes from Commercial Garage Doors. In most cases, many businesses cannot operate without a functioning garage door.

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Commercial Garage Door Repairs Inver Grove Heights

There is nothing worse than when a Commercial Garage Door breaks down, businesses rely on their doors opening and closing smoothly day in and day out and suddenly it stops. Most businesses need their Garage Doors functioning properly so that they can ship and receive different products that the company relies on to make their profit margins. 

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Commercial Garage Door Services MN

I bet you don’t know how many different types of garage doors are in use in Minnesota. Luckily, the Garage Door Experts at Garage Door Repair Company know how to Fix, Repair, Replace or Install every type of garage door component. Our knowledgeable technicians are available at Any Time Day or Night to provide Fast, Friendly and Affordable Commercial Garage Door Services.

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Commercial Garage Door Spring Repair Minneapolis MN

If you have recently heard a very loud noise coming from you garage and are now having problems operating the door, the culprit is probably a broken garage door spring. When garage door springs suddenly break they can really disrupt your business. You need to call in an expert from Garage Door Repair Company to ensure that you receive a Secure Garage Door quickly. 

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Welcome To Our Blog

Garage Door Repair Company is eager to announce our blog page! By reading our expanding blog material you can learn even more about our work, current jobs we have completed, an in-depth look at different garage doors and garage door openers, the list goes on… Here we will share our knowledge, answer any questions and connect with anyone that has a desire to learn more or is seeking out our professional garage door services.

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