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Garage Door Panel Replacement

When Should You Replace Your Garage Door?

From commercial grade doors to residential models, these doors serve some great purposes. Without these doors functioning properly, it would be difficult to have a normal-functioning home or business. From convenience to safety, these doors are very important. But while you might utilize a garage door for many years with no issues, there may come a time when businesses should consider new commercial garage door installations or you should consider purchasing a new one for your home. However, knowing when to replace can be tough to determine. In this post, we’ll discuss the reasons why you should consider replacing your garage door.

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Your Guide to Adding Windows to Your Garage Door

Are you considering adding windows to your garage door? Below is a quick guide to help you get the best windows and the best installation results. Let’s get started?

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What Are Your Options for Dealing With Broken Panels?

General wear and tear, weather conditions, and accidents can cause damage to your garage door panels. Garage Door Repair Company offers garage door panel repair in St. Paul, Minnesota.

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What Materials are Best For Your Garage Door?

If you plan to replace your old garage door, you owe it to yourself to explore the options available to you. You can start by looking at the different types of garage door materials. Each has its unique features and benefits. Garage Door Repair Company specializes in new home garage door installation. We can help you pick out materials that match your home and provide your garage with security. Below are five garage door materials suited for your home.

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Dented Garage Door Panel Replacement Coon Rapids MN

We all know that accidents can happen at any time, it happens quite often in the Garage Door Repair field. One of our most recent customers had someone run into their garage door.

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Commercial Garage Door Section Rebuild in New Hope, MN

Reliability is very important when it comes to your Garage Door in your own home but it is even more important if you run a business where you rely on a commercial garage door operating properly dozens of times per day.

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Broken Garage Door Replacement Minneapolis, MN

This week in Minneapolis, Minnesota we were able to help out one of our customers on a rental property. This particular customer was unsure whether repairing the existing garage door or replacing it would be the best option. 

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Twin Cities Garage Door Replacement

When something around the home breaks it’s typically more cost effective to repair it VS replace it. The same can be said for garage doors, however in some cases a door can be so damaged that the only repair is full replacement.

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Damaged Garage Door Replacement St. Paul, MN

Working on Garage Door’s over the years we understand that accidents happen. Seeing doors that have been run into with cars or stuck on a shovel. There are many accidents that happen every day. It is our job to try and at least make the experience you have with getting the accident repaired a fast, and friendly one. 

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Immediate Full Garage Door Replacement in Blaine, MN

It is a major inconvenience to have your Garage Door suddenly break down. Whether it is a broken spring, broken cable, cracked panel, or even a full replacement we understand that you don’t want to have to waste time worrying about it.

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