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Give the Gift of a New Garage Door Opener this Holiday Season in the Twin Cities

Garage Door Opener InstallationDo you have a family member or close friend that has often complained about their Garage Door Opener or maybe a tech savvy friend who would like to be able to control their door from anywhere? Well at Garage Door Repair Company we may have a solution for you! It may not be something you are thinking about right now but the technology of Garage Door Openers has advanced to a degree that giving the gift of a new updated Opener with a built in gateway could be the perfect gift for a friend or family member. Many of our customers around the Twin Cities have recently updated their openers in light of the cold weather coming, contact us to find out what we can do as a gift for a loved one.

Our Selection of Openers and Features

When we talk about updated technology with openers we are of course talking about smart phone integration. These days you can do pretty much everything right from the palm of your hand with a smart phone so why not be able to control your Garage Door from around the world. Here are some different openers we have available along with different features:

  • DC Chain Drive Openers for a much quieter but cheaper option
  • Belt Drive Openers, something quiet but quality that will last
  • Jackshafts that will mount on the side instead of overhead leaving more space for storage
  • MyQ Smart Phone integration with built in wireless gateways
  • Built in battery back-ups so if the power goes out the opener continues to function
  • Wireless Keypads for easy access from the outside
  • Multi-button remotes to control all your doors from one remote

Whatever feature or type of opener your friend or loved one may want for this coming holiday season; Garage Door Repair Company has them all. Call today to find the best gift for yourself or friends and family, we will even include installation of the unit within the pricing and a minimum 5 year warranty.

Quality Service

Included with any installation of a new Garage Door Opener we will inspect your entire door to make sure it continues to function for years to come. We always offer options as solutions and will never push anything on you that you may not want. Check out our reviews page just to see the quality of our service and then visit our contact page to fill out a website appointment form or call 612-886-9606 today!

Broken Garage Door Spring Twin Cities MN

broken spring twin citiesHas your garage door ever had trouble opening? Perhaps it only goes up a few inches or feet and stops, or maybe it doesn’t open at all. This is most often due to a Broken Garage Door Spring. Garage Door Springs are the lifeblood of the over Garage Door Torsion System; without the springs the garage door would be far too heavy for your opener to lift it. It is not uncommon for garage doors to weigh in excess of 300 lbs. A broken spring was most recently the culprit for one of our Twin City, MN customers. The customer called after trying to leave for work noticing the garage door only opened a couple of inches and stopped. We were able to assist the customer in scheduling an appointment that very morning. After arrival it was apparent that the customer indeed had a broken garage door spring. The problem was quickly resolved within a matter of hours of the customer’s initial phone call.

Checking for Broken Torsion Spring

There are a few signs that can indicate that you may indeed have a Garage Door Spring that Needs Replacement. Here are the most common and easiest to evaluate:

  • Loud Snap or Pop During Garage Door Operation
  • Door Only Travels a Few Inches or Feet
  • Crooked Garage Door
  • Space Between Spring Coils Exposing Torsion Shaft
  • Door Extremely Heavy

Dangers of Garage Door Springs

Garage Door Springs are under immense tension and pressure and should be treated with caution. Without the proper tools & training garage door springs can inflict serious injury. Garage Door Repair Company’s certified technicians have the knowledge and tools to get the job done safely. We always offer same day appointments and will work around your busy schedule. We also offer Free onsite estimates, so even if you’re not sure what’s wrong don’t hesitate to call. Our trucks are standing by in the Twin Cities area daily, and we also work evenings and weekends at your convenience. So if you are in need of any sort of Garage Door Repair Service Call Today 612-886-9606, or visit our Contact Us page to fill out the online appointment form.