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Rusty Garage Door Wayzata, MN

rusty garage door wayzataMinnesota winters can take quite a toll on garage doors, not only the cold weather but the amount of moisture and salt that gets on garage door components. Often times there is a low spot in the garage where water will pool. This is often on one side of the garage door, when moisture builds up and the garage door sits in it, rust typically will occur. This was the case for one of our customers in Wayzata, MN. Not only did the homeowner have a Broken Garage Door Spring, he also had a lot of rust that worked its way onto the bottom brackets & cables. The rust was eating through the bottom bracket and cable, if the spring hadn’t broken we would most assuredly have been out for a broken cable. Luckily we were able to get the Springs, Cables, and Bottom Brackets all repaired same day. The garage door is running better than ever, and our Wayzata customer couldn’t be more pleased.

Garage Door Maintenance

The Garage Door is the largest moving mechanical object in the home, and as such should be treated with regular maintenance. There are many moving parts on a garage door that should be checked/lubricated often. Here are some pointers to maintain a smooth operating garage door:

  • Lubrication of all moving parts: Springs, Rollers, End Bearings, Opener, Center Bearing, Hinges
  • Spring tension check: The door should stay up when fully open, should be able to stop half way up and balance, and should not weigh in excess of 5-10lbs at the bottom
  • Safety sensor check: Every Garage Door Opener should now have safety sensors, they should be between 4”-6” from the floor, typically mounted on the track
  • Opener Forces: Stick a 2×4 under the garage door, when your door closes if it does not auto reverse off the 2×4 your forces are too high. This could cause serious injury. Recommended forces settings are typically between 3-6

We highly recommend calling a professional for any Garage Door Repair concerns. Garage doors can be very dangerous if inexperienced or without proper tools and safety training. For all your garage door repair or replacement needs call the experts at Garage Door Repair Company. We always offer free onsite estimates to our Wayzata customers. Scheduling couldn’t be easier with our online appointment form or call 612-886-9606 today!

Adding Curb Appeal in Minneapolis, MN

Sometimes an unfortunate accident can actually turn into an opportunity.. This was recently the case for one of our customers in NE Minneapolis. While many folks know winter can cause all sorts of havoc on a garage door, but having your garage door run in by a vehicle is probably the last of your concerns. Well, this is exactly what happened to this particular homeowner. Instead of just trying to patch the door back together, the homeowner decided this was a great opportunity to add some much needed curb appeal to the home. After setting up a free onsite door estimate, Garage Door Repair Company was able to help pick out the perfect door. This North Central RP-25 door is like most standard residential garage doors. But when the customer saw the Colonial Glass Design he knew he had to have it! Not only does it add curb appeal, but it also adds great natural light into the garage which the customer needed for his workshop.

Does adding windows increase the price of a New Garage Door?

This is a common question we get when customers are looking to replace their garage doors. The answer is yes, adding a custom glass top section does add to the cost, however the money you are gaining in curb appeal can easily out way the cost of the glass. Windows are not the only add on that can increase the price of your door, having an insulated garage door can also add unwanted cost to your project. Insulation can be very important if you have an attached or heated garage. Ensuring you have the proper R-Value for your home can save hundreds on your heat bill.

What is R-Value?

R-Value is a metric used to gauge an objects resistance to heat and cold. The higher the number the better resistance your garage door will have. There are many different types of doors with different R-Values, and knowing what’s right for your home can often be troubling. This is why Garage Door Repair Co. offers all of our Minneapolis customers free onsite estimates. This allows us to assist you in finding the perfect design and level of insulations for your home. If you are looking to Replace your Garage Door call 612-886-9606 today or fill out our online appointment form.