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Tune Up and Safety Inspection in St. Paul, MN


Garage Door Opener Installation

June is National Garage Door Safety month and we at Garage Door Repair Company want to go over some things that many customers are not always thinking about when it comes to their Garage Door. Your door is the largest moving mechanical object in your home and it is very important to make sure it is safe and working properly. By having a tune up and safety inspection completed we can ensure that all your safety features are working on your Garage Door Opener and also take care of any preventative maintenance before any issues happen like a snapped cable or the door fall down unexpectedly. We cover the entire Twin Cities metro area and are based out of St. Paul, MN so call today to have your tune up and safety inspection completed.

What to Expect with a Tune up and Safety Inspection

There are many different emergency repairs that may happen with your Garage Door but to avoid emergencies or having your car stuck inside the Garage you can have a tune up and inspection done. This way you can have your entire door and opener checked over and make sure you avoid any issues. Here are a few things to expect during a tune up and safety inspection:

  • Track Adjustments
  • Adjusting Spring Tension
  • Testing all safety features
  • Identify any rust
  • Identify any major concerns that need immediate attention
  • Offer quotes on all repairs or replacements that may be needed
  • Lubrication of all moving parts

These are just a few of the things we will cover in a tune up and safety inspection and we can typically provide repairs and replacements if needed. We always have fully stocked trucks to take care of all your Garage Door Repair and Installation needs.

Quality Repairs

We always guarantee that your repairs will be long lasting by providing the highest quality parts and the best customer service. Even with a tune up and safety inspection we will offer repairs that are backed up by parts and labor warranties. Just fill out one of our website appointment forms and a live person will contact you within ten minutes. Call 612-886-9606 to ensure your Garage Door is working safely and smoothly.

Garage Door Opener Installation in Coon Rapids, MN


In Coon Rapids, MN there are a lot of suburban communities scattered throughout the area; located just about twenty minutes outside the Twin Cities. In this area it is very important for families to be able to get in and out of their Garage in a timely fashion, so rather than having to lift and close the Garage Door manually it helps to have a Garage Door Opener installed. These days there are many different brands and models of Garage Door Openers that can either be purchased from a hardware store or that we can supply from our own stock. Whether it is a customer owned opener or one of our own Garage Door Repair Company can meet all of your installation needs.

Choosing the Right Garage Door Opener

Technology has evolved all over the world and even your Garage Door Opener has evolved; we rely on smartphones every day and now you can even control your Garage Door with an app right on your phone. Choosing the right model and feature of your opener is important the first time to save costs and headaches down the road. Some features to consider when choosing:

  • Make/Model (LiftMaster, Chamberlain, Craftsman, etc.)
  • Number of Remotes
  • Wireless Keypad
  • MyQ Technology (Smartphone Integration)
  • Horsepower (1/3, ½, ¾)
  • Size of the Rail
  • Reinforced Rail such as an I-beam

When evaluating your Garage to have a Garage Door Opener installed it is a good idea to have a good idea about your own personal needs and future needs to save upfront costs. An added benefit of having a professional company such as Garage Door Repair Company supply the opener and the installation is that we will include a five year parts and labor warranty.


At Garage Door Repair Company our commitment to quality Garage Doors, Openers, and Repair parts is the most important thing in everything we do. We want to make sure that your door is going to continue to work long after we have completed the repairs for you. That is why we will always include a tune-up with every installation to make sure that you don’t have any more headaches or costly repairs down the road. Call Garage Door Repair Company first to see the difference in customer service and quality twenty four hours a day at 612-886-9606.

Garage Door Opener Installation St. Paul MN

Garage Door Opener Installation St Paul MNWhether you’re looking for a garage door opener initial installation or any other services related to the “health” of your garage door in St. Paul MN, The Garage Door Repair Company has you covered. With years of experience in both garage door opener replacement and repair, we’re ready and willing to handle any issues that you may encounter related to your garage door.

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